Quality is better than quantity...

I see a lot of people saying they got, for example, 3 different semi-close headphone + 3 different headphone amp from Massdrop exclusive and saying "Oh! It just for having a different signature sound"...If the goal is to seek the truth of musical fidelity, why not just buying the best you can afford? by having "different signature" - a snobby word for EQing...., you're adapting audio to your taste when it should be the opposite...
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Aug 9, 2016
Perhaps it's not about seeking "the truth of musical fidelity" for some people. Perhaps for some of us it's more about setting up a system that you love to hear. Or maybe some of us just love to experiment with different things. Or hell, maybe some of us just love music and like the way different things make it sound whether we're being snobby about how we EQ it or not.
Would you deny that you have to experiment a lot to figure out what you really like/want/has that perfect sound signature that displays "the truth of musical fidelity"/can actually afford/etc.? That's how some of us end up with many different pieces in our collections. I have gone through dozens of sets of headphones/IEMs/earbuds/speakers/etc. but currently only use 3-4 of them because those are the ones that work for what I'm trying to hear and do. Which brings up another point.
Would you also deny that different amps/DACs/headphones/speakers are good for different things? I have 3 sets of headphones because I use them for different purposes. I have a set of IEMs that are very good for isolation that I use when I sit in a big room full of noisy air moving equipment all day but still produce a reasonably good sound signature. I have a set of sealed cans that I listen to when I'm out and about or in the office because they sound much better to my ears than my IEMs and I want some isolation for myself and my coworkers. I have a set of open cans that I love but can only listen to in my very rare quiet personal time. I have speakers too, for the occasional times when I'm able to watch a movie or listen to music with my family or just want some background sound. When I can find 1 set of headphones that can accomplish all of that, I'll be forever settled on it, but I just don't foresee that happening.
I also have multiple headphone amps. One of them is mobile (has it's own battery) and I use it with my phone or a PMP when I'm not going to be a computer or other stationary music source because it drastically improves the soundstage, backdrop, and high end detail. I also have a portable DAC/AMP combo that I use pretty much everywhere else these days since I don't have a decent stationary one at the moment. When I get one of those rounded up, wouldn't you just know it, I'll have 3 headphone amps too and I don't feel like I'm doing anything wrong by doing so. My speakers are self powered monitors or I'd have a separate amp on them too (I suppose I do, it's just built in). 4 AMPS!
For me more variety is not EQ as you so eloquently generalized it for me but rather variety means I can enjoy hearing something any time I'd like be it the "truth of musical fidelity" or the best I can have at that moment. Should I go on or am I just confirming that you are right to cast your aspersions based on your own half cocked theories which you've clearly based on broad generalizations? Right? How could After all, we do all want the same thing. Right? anyone want anything other than "the truth of musical fidelity?" Why don't we only have 1 player and 1 DAC and 1 amp and 1 speaker and 1 headphone, etc. that is perfect? Maybe my idea of perfect is different than yours... That's why.
I'm not interested in "the truth of musical fidelity" so much as I'm interested in really loving what I'm hearing when I hear it. If I were an audio professional rather than an audio enthusiast, I might have a different P.O.V. though.
Aug 9, 2016
interesting P.O.V. , No offense!
Aug 8, 2016
It is pretty crazy, but I think a lot of people on here are honestly collectors of things more than they are looking for "an end game" solution. If that is what brings them enjoyment though then so be it.
I'll say that I fit into this collector concept. Sometimes a company takes as much time to craft an interesting design as they do crafting an amazing sound. I'm someone that likes to appreciate both, listening to one amazing sounding earphone while examining and enjoying the design of another. I have my top tier iems for sure, and would be perfectly happy with the JVC HA-FXH30 as my sole earphone.
However, for me a big draw to this hobby is the variety. I'm not interested at this time in finding my "end game". My interests lie in experiencing the great variety of sound and design language across a variety of manufacturers. For example, I have (had) four earphones that use essentially the same housing but sound quite different; NarMoo W1M, B2M, and S1, and the Accutone Pavo. I have 20 different microdriver earphones. Some sound amazing, others mediocre, but all have their own draw in one way or another.
That said, quantity can't replace quality.
Aug 9, 2016
Good point of view!
Aug 8, 2016
its true i have only 1 dac 1 headphone amp and 1 headphone i use lol but i went all out and bought what i think is my end of the line dac: ayre acoustics codex headamp: auralic taurus mk2 headphones :lcd 3