How Do You Know?

I apologize right out the gate on this one guys, i’ll Just come out and say it, I’m still a newbie here at MD. Is there any way to know what’s coming down the pipe line? I’m new to the hi-fi world as well and being as such I need a portable DAP.
The Cowon Plenue D is my # 1 pick and then the runner up, that I actually want more is Hiby R3, when it is released. I Like the R3 for its features, WiF, stream Tidal if I want to, has LO,
HOWEVER my brain is telling me to stop looking at the new fancy shimmering sparkling R3 and get the Plenue D because it has the wacko batt life and on board memory plus the size and build is nice. Sure it’s “older” but is probably a mule of a work hose!!!
You guys & gals have any suggestions for my first DAP? Have 1 IEM Shure 215’s to listen to it with and will plug into my car while driving as well, car HU has front aux input jack.
Thank you need in advance for the guidanc.
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