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A Bit of Roller Ball Love?

Like I need a hole in my head. It all started with the Cross Peerless 125 drop, and I set out to rediscover this long lost brand I grew up with. Came across this pen at the site:



Part of this pen came from the metal of an actual gun that was surrendered or confiscated, along with a serial number of the weapon engraved on it.
The Cross RB refill is the best one I have come across. It was recommended by someone on FPN as a refill for my Mont Blanc, and it blew away the G2.
I can’t wait to see how this pen compares to my EDC RB, a Tombow Zoom that is a precursor to the 505.
Do you use a RB when a FP is not practical? Show us!
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RFeiertag and Theroc

Agreed! 1) Love the Cross rollerball refill, though I wish it was a little thinner in line. 2) I have often diverged into other pen types - I even *shudder* have a Parker 5th.
I almost always carry 2 pens in my pocket - a FP, and a non-FP in case someone asks to borrow for a second. Nice to have a non-FP that is decent enough to lend out so people don't get upset that you gave them the "less expensive" pen in your pocket.
More often than not, my lent out pens never get returned :-(
If I had a hole in my head for every pen I've bought — well, I'd need several heads for them all.
So explain to me what siren song the roller-ball sang to lure you away from fountain pens. How much did the pen's mission to reduce the number of guns in Africa have to do with your decision to buy this particular not-fountain pen?
Don't worry: I still respect you. Sometimes I just want to write with a ballpoint or even (parents: cover your children's eyes!) a pencil.
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There are no wrong reasons for buying a pen, only new ones to add to the list of justifications we trot out when asked about our latest purchase.
Haha so true...