Streamer for TV
Would like to get a streamer for my tv, main use Netflix and YouTube.
would be good if I will be able to stream movies I have downloaded to my PC.
not looking for something expensive more than 100$

Mar 25, 2018
Not saying it's better or worse: Amazon Fire TV or Fire Stick. Go with the Fire TV if it would be possible to use a wired ethernet connection instead of wifi.
You do not need a Prime account to use the apps, and it comes with all the usual services like Netflix, Hulu, Youtube, etc.
Like all the other boxes, local network streaming is the problem. I don't like Plex as it requires a subscription and is not free. Miracast does not actually work from Windows with the Amazon products. But there are back-door installation methods to put other apps on. Kodi media player is one option for streaming local stuff. I find Kodi is not so good anymore and use SPMC (a fork of Kodi) instead. It will catalog and play all video and music files that are shared to the network and visible to a scan. Google up installing Aptoide for Fire TV and you will have your way to install "unsupported" apps.
Mar 24, 2018
Chromecast is probably the simplest solution. $35 for 1080p, $55 for 4k. For streaming stuff from your pc you can use plex, emby, or (I believe) the vlc app.