New to the Headphone world

I’m new to the Massdrop community and re-entering the Headphone world. Back in the early 80s I bought my first set of headphones cost me 250 US. I was serious about my music. However, after having the phones for 5 days, the dog ate them. I must have been so “traumatized” I didn’t buy my next pair until mid 2017. I’m still serious about my music but learning again about this audiophile world. Seems there is a whole lot to learn.
At first I didn’t understand why anyone would need more than 1 set of headphones. Now I own the Bowers & Wilkins P7 and the Audioquest Nighthawks And love them both. I enjoy many kinds of music- Classical, American popular (Sinatra etc), Jazz and find being able choose between these two headphones add much pleasure to the listening experience. I just joined the Sennheiser HD650 drop; I just couldn’t pass up this great deal ( my first order from Massdrop).
i have not yet subscribed to any Hi Def steaming services and would look forward to any suggestions. Also suggestions for Dac/ amp would also be appreated. I now use the Dragonfly Red.

Mar 25, 2018
Schiit’s new Lyr 3 with the multibit module seems to be a slam dunk.