Mar 26, 2018

LFR for a leather briefcase, messenger, or satchel with a quality lining AND a "sleeve" to slide over the handle of a suitcase

I want to buy the last "work" bag that I'll ever need. I'd like it to be able to hold a 15.4" laptop (specifically a mid 2012 MacBook Pro), external construction of high quality leather, and some kind of lining, could be twill, canvas, or whatever. I really would like it to be able to hang off of my suitcase while I'm moving through the airport on work travel. The closest I've found to meeting my requirements is the Tumi Albany Alpha Bravo Leather Briefcase ( Anyone know of any other similar bags in terms of features? For the moment, I'm not concerned about price point.

Have you looked at Frank Clegg? This is made in the USA and can be made to order...its a grail bag for me.
Try this This will be the "last work bag that you'll ever need".