How to sell an expensive lens
I have a Nikon 600mm f/4 telephoto lens (seen in my profile picture) that I have used so seldom I'd rather spend the money on a new camera body and some new, smaller lenses. I'm leary of selling on eBay or a local site like Kijiji as there are scammers out there that I'm leary of - even with PayPal. Selling it to a camera store means they will want a huge discount to in turn resell it in their store (which is understandable).
Does anyone have experience selling $10K plus gear and what the safe options are?

Mar 29, 2018
I see a lot of gear being sold through photography communities on Facebook/Instagram. I think it make sense to do it through a community of photographers, especially where people actually know each other and their reputations within the community will keep them honest.
If I were buying an expensive used lens, I'd want to inspect it in person before handing over my money. There's only so much you can tell from photos, and going through the dispute process can be a pain for everyone. Selling locally to someone you can meet with in person seems like the best way to go, if you're in an area with plenty of potential buyers. That way there's no question about the condition of the gear at time of sale.
Mar 29, 2018