Mar 27, 2018260 views

What's a Good Tripod for a Canon EOS Rebel t5i?

Hey All,
I have a Canon Rebel t5i and it's not the newest one but it works very well and I do have a tripod but I need a new one because one of the legs is starting to break. Does anyone know of any good ones or anything? Thanks!

Have you looked at Promaster? I have the XC522 and I'm happy with that. I use it only occasionally as I am not a big tripod user and it does fine for my use. I think for a Rebel it would be fine. I have used mine with Nikon D500 and a 70-200mm f2.8 with flash controller and remote trigger on top and it has supported it all albeit in a controlled environment. I like it as it does fold down to about 12" tall and fit in the side pocket on my Tamarac bag. At $160 it is more affordable than carbon fiber counter parts.
I will look into it. Thanks!