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Hydro Flask 64 oz. Wide Mouth Growler

I see there is a poll for the 40 ounce version of this growler, and I can't speak on that one. But I love the 64 ounce one. Check out my video :-)
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I have a couple of Hydroflasks, including the 64oz. I'm just glad they finally updated the design of their caps to add a proper handle, although now there are plenty of people making replacement caps of their own on the open market. Replaced mine with a nice stainless steel one.
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I have this from the Chivery. Nice grip on the lid. Yes it's a beer growler but hey, beer's mostly water anyway right? KCCO!
I have a similar product from another maker that works extremely well. Here is a link to mine and it comes in a $35 shipped for a 64oz. (Unless you want a Star Wars logo on it) I have added some ice and homemade iced tea and drunk from glass all day on the boat. No condensation and still have ice 12 hours later.
Down for this since it would be great to take to work