What AMP to choose for my K7xx or do I need one?

I have just bought a pair of K7xx headphones and was wondering do I need an amp for it? If so which amp would work well that not to expensive ( about $100 or less, but I can go as high as $150 though I'd rather not). I'm not very good with audio things and really don't wanna take a lot of time to learn it. Just kind of wanna plug and go if you will. Also from what I gathered from watching some youtube videos is that I don't need an DAC, but I could be very wrong.

May 1, 2020
You technically have an amp for them already. They're on your motherboard/phone. Without an amp, there'd be no sound. Same for DACs; anyone who says you don't need a DAC doesn't understand what a DAC is, or has such a crappy audio system in place that they can't hear the difference (I've seen this happen with really expensive stuff too, where someone tried to audition DACs with a crap headphone that was $$$$$). If you want to stay cheap, just buy a Schiit Fulla 3 (may require purchase of 1/4" to 3.5 mm converter). It's not bad and will give you an idea of what good audio systems can do for you (and it's more than "good enough" IMHO).
Apr 24, 2020
Look up the impedance of the headphones first. I have a fiio e10k which are great for 150ohms and I'm waiting to get my 6xx which are 300 ohms so got a fiio 5k pro. From reading reviews the 5k pro is almost as good as the schiit stack and about half the price. The e10k is a fraction of the size and usb powered whereas the 5k pro is much bigger and mains powered.
Apr 23, 2020
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