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Footwear brands folks should know about


There's nothing I enjoy more than stumbling upon brands with little exposure and amazing product. They are the type of encounters that as a lover of clothing and accessories (or any category for that matter) make you fall in love that much more with your hobby; understand how deep the rabbit hole goes and loving every step of the journey down it.
Recently came across a pretty impressive article on The Styleforum Journal about Cobbler Union, a brand that we've featured on Massdrop in the past, and a brand that a lot of people may not recognize right away, but carries amazing footwear traditions in the heart of Spain, sourcing some of the best materials in all of Europe.
From more casual brands like Tredagain and Muroexe to dress shoe and bootmakers like Cobbler Union and Oak Street Bootmakers, we are always exploring both new and established brands to bring to our community members.
What are some of your recent (or not so recent) finds in the world of footwear that surprise you not more people know about? Let us know in the comments!
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and i forgot about Velasca. didnt see that listed. As well as Anthony Veer although be careful with them because they have different lines. And we are obviously lookin for full gain goodyear. All these brands that I listed are almost as good as expensive shoes. But to keep the prices low they for sure cut a coupla corners here and there. just got a pair. impressed with the sale prices. I haven't tried Beckett Simonon but looks decent. I'm talking about well made high quality shoes with not so high prices. Obviously Meermin, Jack Erwin although they kinda got greedy and raised their prices a little.
I recently got into Parkhurst. USA made full goodyear welted awesome boot. Mine is dark Kudu leather. Who else has a pair they can comment on? #parkhurstbrand


Tomas! Are u guys ever going to do a drop with Trickers? Abrazo
Do any of these companies produce anything in EEE width? I'm trying to find a loafer or suede captoe with a sleeker Italian shape than my uisual AE stuff.
crickets... that's what i was afraid of :-(
Check out Alden, sizing is pretty comparable to AE.
I personally own 5 pairs from Cobbler Union and highly recommend them. Each shoe is made with excellent quality and craftsmanship using top notch calfskin leathers. Below is a pic of my collection: (from left) Jean Pierre III, Louis, Jean Pierre IV, Alex, Julius II.
I absolutely love their shoes and will be picking up more pairs in the near future.
I've been very pleased this year with custom shoes from both Undandy (a pair of oxfords similar to lassetjus' below and a pair of brogue sneakers) and Paul Parkman. The Parkmans are a step above in quality, but so they should be at more than twice the price. RTW, I also bought a pair of Grenson Fred Triple Welt boots that are keepers for life.
Undandy custom sneakers
Paul Parkman custom loafers
Grenson Fred Triple Welt
I just got a pair of Cobbler Union shoes about two months ago and they are absolutely beautiful. I can't recommend anything better for $400. These blow Allen Edmonds out of the water.
John Lofgren, Tricker's, Crockett & Jones, Alfred Sargent, Vass
Crockett & Jones recently got a Royal warrant from the Prince of Wales, plus they have been featured as Jame Bond boots in a number of movies, fantastic brand
Those are kind of silly reasons to favour a brand, but they do make very good shoes. British shoes, sold by mail from Quebec City, Canada. Free returns, high quality.
Lof & Tung by premium shoe retailer Skaoktiebolaget. Outstanding value for money.

Yes, I agree. Outstanding value.
Danner which I suspect is relatively well known, the Forest Heights II is a really well made boot perfect for this time of year
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It definitely depends on the model. Some are great and some just seem to be poorly made.
yeh i haven't looked into the full line, the ForestH is 'made in Portland' and holding up good so far, can't say I'm really taxing them at my desk though... my son has a pair of the collab they did with the Timbers that he likes/I couldn't pull off though
Onitsuka Tiger, specifically the Nippon Made versions are absolutely beautiful shoes handcrafted in Japan. And comfy as hell!
TLB, Yanko, Lof&Tung
There are two I love a lot right now J.Fitzpatrick and Alfred Sargent. I had a pair of jodhpur boots made by J.Fitz and they came out AMAZING!! Also he polished the toe to a mirror finish. I think every pair you buy including RTW he will polish by hand.

I could wear my Samuel Hubbard "Un-Sneakers" to bed because I forget they're on my feet
I‘m looking for brands other than AE that make widths less than medium. Any suggestions?
Most italian makers come in fairly narrow lasts. I also know that Carmina (Spanish) have a few very narrow lasts.
Don't forget the quintessential Australian boot, RM Williams!
Jack Erwin... Just bought the Carter boots in burgundy, and they're legit.
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Yes, much like the girlfriends you tell your family about.
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Fortuna from Indonesia (ig: fortuna_shoes_indonesia)
O’Keeffe Shoes are fantastic! I own two, the Felix Chukka boots in brown suede and recently the Bristol double monk in brown leather with commando soles.
Jack Erwin
I'm obsessed with Grenson. Fantastic brogues in shoes and boots. Trickers makes a high quality product as well, but don't fit as well for me.
Dayton Boots from Canada
That is a great suggestion and definitely agree with you, Dayton Boots is a company everyone should know about! It'd be great to feature them for our community members. :)
I've become a big fan of Undandy... you can design your own shoe or pick from their already designed shoes, either way the look and quality is great and the price is excellent for a custom made shoe. Each shoe is made to order and takes about 2 weeks to make in Portugal. Their customer service is excellent, too. Interested in how they make their shoes? Go here Here is a pair I designed and received a few weeks ago.
What about Samuel Hubbard?
Another Austin-based footwear company (Tecovas was mentioned earlier by Marshtj ) is Helm. ( I don't have a pair myself; I blew my boot budget on a couple pairs of Oak Street boots in the last year. But I like the Railroad (pictured) and Muller styles. Quality on most styles appears to be solid: Horween Chromexcel® leather, Blake Rapid construction, and reasonable prices especially if you can catch them on sale.
Definitely. We've featured them on our site before with some killer deals. I love how their aesthetic is a bit more stylish than you're average workwear boot brand -- they tread the line between heritage and fashion brand very nicely (imho).