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3D-Printed Fountain Pens

You'd think that, with the popularity of 3D printers, there'd be dozens of 3D-printed fountain pens on the market. Thankfully, that's not been the case.
I think, for a 3D-printed pen to succeed, it has to bring something new to the table. Something that traditional manufacturing methods can't already offer.
To that end, the only project that comes close, in my opinion, is Additive Pens with their Double Helix.
They used 3D printing to create what is basically an eye-dropper that would have been practically impossible using traditional methods.
What impresses me the most, is that they only implement 3D printing where needed.
The cap and section of their latest batch, for example, are turned from Alumilite blanks the traditional way.

What do you think of them? Do you want one? I know, I do.
You know of other 3D-printed writing instruments that deserve mention?
Look forward to your comments.

I've created a poll for anyone who'd like to express interest, here:
It's a rather odd poll due to the nature of the beast.

Update I couldn't wait for a drop to materialize or even for Batch 5. So here are a few photos of my own Additive Pen. It's from batch 4 with an 18kt gold nib.
You get a lot of pen for your money. These are substantial, here is mine next to a Lamy Al-Star.
Even so, it's quite light.
The Nib does not disappoint either. About the same as that of a Pelikan 800.
Here it is compared to a Lamy nib.

Once I've inked it and written with it, I'll post some more.
One thing I can tell you already, I am sooo getting a 2nd one, definitely with the flex nib.
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Saw these at a show and they are really cool!
I just got one. It's from the 4th batch, with a 18kt gold nib. I will update the original post with some photos soon. Haven't inked it yet though.
I got to see this in person at the Chicago Pen Show this past weekend. The double helix effect is amazing as the ink filters up and down it, you can really see the differing shades of your ink as it flows around.
Once I recover from the weekend spending spree I will most certainly be looking to pick one up.
Damn you. I want that double helix pen. Funny thing is I've been thinking about how you could make one like that and 3D printing has been the easiest way to do it. I guess I'm going to have to save up and hope to get one before they decide to stop.
Is there a video of the Reyes CrossFlex writing? What flexing are we talking about, vintage?
Not sure what you mean by vintage. Vintage flex, to me, means 14kt gold flex nib, usually made before 1930. The CrossFlex is a steel nib as far as I can tell. I could only find this writing sample on their Instagram page:
Yes please.
Thank you for the mention! I'm one of the co-founders of Additive Pens, and would be happy to do a drop for our pens.
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Yes please!
I was the guy who told you about the Conklin Mark Twain SE at the show this past weekend. You definitely sold me, once I recover from my spending from the show you guys are on my list.
The ink goes through the spiral? That's fantastic. I checked out the web site and found it kind of confusing. But yes, I wants one, precious!
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Pens and the bottles of ink they drain! Ink goes fast with flexy nibs.
Good point. All the more reason to use flex nibs. They reduce clutter. I have far too many bottles of ink but still want more. Those Colorverse inks look awfully tempting.
I’ve seen some nice reviews of their pens. I’ve also seen they’ve partnered with a nib maker for flex nibs, which is always a plus!
great write up!
Yeah, Reyes. Crossflex they call it. The nib slit is cut like a cross. Intriguing.
The flex on these are amazing and butter smooth. They are well worth the price I feel if you want an eye catching flex pen that doesn't need to be tinkered with to make it work.