Apr 2, 2018700 views

Swiss Army knife alox copper

Hello, just wanting to see if I’m the only one really wanting a copper alox Swiss Army knife. They are hard to find and I am hoping for a new run of them in the cadet, lumberjack, or electrician versions.
Monkwearmouth, Steam, and 5 others

+1 for a copper Cadet !
Copper Farmer or Pioneer X would make my year.
Yes, I’d take a Cadet, Pioneer, or Electrician in copper Alox. Or all 3. Not sure if you’re interested in a copper Farmer or not, but if you are DLT Trading has ‘em for about $45.
Yeah, I think that would be pretty cool I guess...
A copper pioneer x is my ideal victorinox
Nope. I want one too.