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EDC Bags?

I see a lot of bags in the Men's Apperal Section. What about practical EDC bags like from Direct Action Gear or Maxpedition that allow attachments of pouches and morale patches?
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I edc the 5.11 amp 24 pack and it is a great fit for me and my EDC gear. You can make it super thin if it's a lite day or pack it with a thick hoodie, a 48 oz. Nalgene, and my electronics, plus half of the front is their new molle webbing which is removable, leaving a huge velcro field. There is a reasonable laptop compartment or use it for a bulletproof insert. And a hook and loop field inside the concealed carry compartment on the front.
Cannae has some great products that also allow CC and patches. Some good sales rn. I have the legion day pack and am pleased so far
Has anyone ever considered the Evergoods bags, more precisely the Civic Panel Loader 24L? The team behind Evergoods comes from Goruck and Patagonia. I think the CPL 24L is a bit more practical than the GR1, allowing to alternate backpack and satchel modes.
I'm a long-time Goruck GR1 in 21L and 26 user and also own two Echo packs. I actually prefer the Evergoods CPL24L over all of my Goruck bags. It's extremely comfortable, impeccably well-made, and a smartly designed bag. I hate how tight the Goruck front pocket gets when the bag is full--it's basically unusable. The Evergoods front pocket is designed with space in mind and doesn't show that it is full. There are a lot of nice features that they obviously thought through in building this bag. I still love Goruck, but this CPL24 is now my EDC go-to bag. Just a bag-o-phile's perspective.
I "EDC" this LOVE it Not too big Just right Not as goofey in actual life as many backpacks. Not as 80s Hulk Hogan fanny bag
Looking at it on Amazon, the reviewers seem to come to the same conclusions that I did looking at the site. That is, it's overpriced, under developed, and no where near durable enough for everyday use.
Dont care what it says,used mine stuffed full daily for a year + Still like new No matter to me if you get one. lasts as long as any backpack would
I carry a Voodoo Tactical New Enlarged 3-Way Deployment Bag. They're tough, hold a lot of stuff and are easy to carry. Gets a lot of complements too--but not many from TSA ;- )
Link here:
Is Kifaru an option? I'd be interested in a deal on a Native. Others might be interested in an E&E?
Propper OTS (Over The Shoulder) bags, Regular or Large. has a discreet rear zipped pocket with a loop field back lining that you can attach "accessory" loops to that will fit most typical "accessories" plus a couple of "sustainment tubes" Plenty of conventional pockets to carry binocs, pads, pens, sunglasses, mobile devices, etc.
I personally use a 5.11 COVRT 18 as my EDC Bag. Very versatile and can be used for discreet CC if necessary.
Personally, I sort of feel like if it doesn't all fit in my jeans pockets then it's not really EDC.
But that entirely depends on work I suppose. Maybe check out Topo if you want something funky or hillpeoplegear I'd you want something for "tactical"
That is a really good idea, something like 5.11 rush 12 could easily sell at a little discount I'm used to seeing here.
You could probably get something handmade of quality leather on Etsy. I like supporting home craftspeople and small business like the folks on there. When you buy something it will be unique and not mass-produced at a factory in Taiwan.
I carry a Vanquest Envoy 3.0 everyday for work..... in and out of multiple homes daily. I love the high visibility orange ripstop interior. I use the shoulder strap with it loaded to probably at least 15lbs.... been carrying it everyday for over a year now. Still looks brand new and I'd buy another one in a heart beat. I got tired of the stitching on other bags ripping under the weight..... this baby is a trooper
I met the Vanquest guys at The Gathering this last week, really nice guys who seem to be working hard to deliver high quality at reasonable prices. Great to have your review, thanks! Will try to get something going with them if we can.
Would be great, they make real quality gear! Personally I've got no experience with their bags but I'm using the Vanquest Vault 2.0™ RFID Blocking Wallet for some time with great pleasure. It holds up great and all the stitching is good. It protects all my important cards perfectly and is really easy to carry with me, non intrusive.
I use a bag from OneTigris. Has MOLLE straps and I decorate it with a morale patch. Mine is Multicam, but they have the usual green, coyote brown, and black.

You will pry my Direct Action Dragon Eggs from my cold, dead hands before I let them go. Great for travel and work. Make pounds feel like ounces.
I have been really happy with my Vertx Gamut:
Hey @JonasHeineman, I was wondering if there will ever be a GoRuck drop; considering that they've been in polls as far back as 2 years, my hopes aren't very high.
GovX has discounts through them if you have done ANY kind of government work whether it was a lifeguard or military to being a teacher.
+1 for GoRuck
We'll work on trying to get some of these brands in the Fall. You might see more bags from other brands coming as well. Thanks for the suggestions, keep 'em coming!
Hey @tacticalgunguy, we've had requests for Maxpedition (and GoRuck), but I don't think I've seen Direct Action Gear in polls. You like their stuff?
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Direct Action Gear would definitely recommend. I've got two so far and they hold up perfectly. Would love to see the Dragon Egg here.
Aye ,,,Preferably in some kinda sweet pencott pattern.....