chord mojo drop.

Can we please get a Massdrop chord mojo buy going!?!?!?


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Small stack, big sound
Just got a Khadas Tone Pro 2, currently running it through my liquid spark via the raspberry pi to my Drop/Dan Clark Audio Aeon closed backs and oh my goodness. The TP2 is an amazing little device btw, I don’t know how great the amp in it is, it drives the Aeons decently, but man is it packed with features, highly recommend.
Dec 18, 2021
Small rack on wheels?
Looking for some inspiration or suggestions for small rack furniture or a little cabinet. Something that works well with a stack of these little 9" wide-ish components! Maybe on wheels, so it's easy to wheel around as a headphone listening station. Something minimal, but with some cable management and a place to hide a power bar (like on the back) Anyway, show me your setups! :)
Sep 3, 2021
Ifi iTube
I don't know if this is the right way to post this, but I saw that Drop has a page for Ifi iTube2, where you can request that they make it. But what is the status of it? Is it an old project reborn, or is it a new, yet not realized one? Asking, of course, since I would be very interested.
Jun 5, 2021
Headphones with SD Card or MP3 Function and/or self-storage?
Can you make some Headphones with SD Card or MP3 Function so that they can be used offline and with no other device needed to play music? Also, I would be interested in a pair of headphones OVER-EAR Type with the same SD Card/MP3 Function that can be used UNDERWATER.
Apr 27, 2021
Goldplanar GL2000 double sided
Mar 31, 2021
Finished my 'Bar to Cubicle' project. (I'd like to see some other workspaces from around the community). =)
Feb 10, 2021
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hifiman he4xx right side possible issue?
Why does my he4xx not play on the right side but is fine on the left side but when putting my ear up to the outside of the cup on the right side I hear something playing just not when they are o my head?
Jul 6, 2022
Architect in Lucknow
Architect in Lucknow We're Lucknow-based Architecture and interior designing company, that has rich experience in nearly all kinds of systems like residential, non-residential, multi-story buildings, healthcare, hospitality, and numerous further. We've got a team of engineers, interior contrivers, masterminds, contractors, merchandisers, and the assiduity's other professionals. We also give construction and interior designing services. We believe in open communication for better design, which is salutary from the perspective of the customer in numerous ways. We always try to make something simpler for our clients to make construction finish easily. We've designed multitudinous marvelous structures in posh areas of Lucknow i.e. Alambagh, Gomti Nagar, Hazratganj, etc. something. SK Design is a design acquainted architectural establishment established in 2016. SK Design have best and most educated Architect in Lucknow. Who give a range of armature consultancy varying from luxury...
Jul 6, 2022
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Jul 6, 2022
Jul 6, 2022
What Amp???
Hello audiophilers!! While I am waiting for my first bought item from Drop (can't wait!!) I was planning my next purchase ;-P... An amplifier... I wander which is better among the Drop O2 and drop+thx
Jul 4, 2022
Hello guys
How are you?
Jul 4, 2022
You only live once.
Let your ears fly!!! Vuela Vuela.
Jul 3, 2022