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Beyerdynamic DT 990 & FIIO E10K combo?

I game, watch movies and listen to music. But I primarily PC game. Not at all knowledgeable about audio equipment. Is this setup sufficient enough? I want good sound but my budget for a dac is 120. Thanks in advance.

I'm literally rocking in the same boat right now and I can't decide between the Fiio e10k and the Fulla 2 for my dt 990 pro's. I'm really on edge right now cause I already ordered the e10k and I'm second guessing myself on the Fulla 2 because it sounds like it will power the dt 990 pro's much better. Have to make a decision very soon! Please help!
I've learned so much from the various threads involving headphone and amp impedance that I feel I owe all of the kind people that have responded to questions on this forum as well as others. Just for future reference to anyone looking to get the FiiO E10k with the DT990 250ohm version. It doesn't get quite loud enough. You may find yourself maxing out the volume with the gain set to high and still need it a bit louder. I'm going to return the E10k and get a Schiit Fulla 2, I'm hoping that will provide the extra volume that I'm lacking. Cheers.
I have the DT990 as well and for me they are amazing for gaming (and other stuff aswell)! You should just make sure that you don´t pick up the 600ohm edition because you probably wont get those loud enough.
As far as DAC goes: I´m not sure if your 120$ are just for an amp or for an amp/DAC-combo. Anyways, for a amp/DAC-combo the FIIO E10K is a good choice but if you want to have something a bit more powerfull and versatile (imo), I would recommend the Schiit Fulla 2 instead (99$). But again: The E10K is already powerfull enough, if you pick the 250ohm or 80ohm version of the DT990.
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I really appreciate the fast response and help. I was looking at the D1 but can't afford combo set atm. I went with the fulla 2 for now instead of the e10k.
Great choice! Hope you will like your setup :D