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Earbuds for a non headphones user

So I have a brother who has owned some headphones in the past but has really hated earbuds. Due to a lot of commute he has considered earbuds and I have considered buying a pair as a gift. I am a bit reluctant to spend too much but was wondering what would be a good pair around 100 dollars. He mostly listens to progressive metal and rock (Chon, Haken, Dream Theater etc.) And he doesn't really care for bass

VE Monk Plus.
The earbuds that come with iPhones for free are decent.
My default response for good bang-for-buck earbuds around the $100 point would either be the Shure se215s or the 1More Triple-Driver IEMs. Both are very solid options.
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Ended up going for the 1More Triple-Driver IEMs, found them on amazon for $100.00 Canadian.
They're surprising performers for $100. I hope your brother likes them
I read good things about the iBasso T01s, which are $100. I don't own a pair, but they definitely seem to be worth taking a look at ! I hope someone who owns them can give you more details on them. There's also Noble's Velvet, which will cost you 120$. Noble's products are seemingly amazing, so I'd believe they wouldn't mess it up with their first EDC(Every Day Carry) product.