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The Best Fitting...

Hey guys, I have partnered with Massdrop to start producing a "Best Fit Series" and record myself searching for the best fitting clothes in the market. Here is our first collaboration where we search for the BEST fitting jeans
I'd love to here what you guys think! What other clothing items should be added to this series?
Ya Zoned, gorian2222, and 18 others

I would like to see the best fitting jean jacket. I find many fit differently, and only few fit snug enough.
Just a suggestion but it might help to give some body measurements for instance for jeans give waist, thigh, and calf measurements. "Best fit" would only correlate to your body. On another note : Enjoy the channel and thanks for the recommendation to this site.
Hey man love your channel, you really got me interested in caring about my style and image. Now that the fan boying is out of the way, I think you should do a definitive best v / crew neck tee shirt
You should try diesel jeans. I think their carrot fit is the best and they are very high quality
The best fitting chinos are the ones from B&R, they look really great !! but I think the Zara's chinos just look too cheap, especially with the two back pockets !