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Coffee Cups are EDC!!

I'm on Massdrop pretty consistently and I don't really recall seeing coffee cups in the EDC community. Just curious as to why that is because my coffee cup is with me everyday and is very much a main EDC item. Maybe we should start some polls on different insulated mugs or similar products to gain attention, but I'd love to see them on Massdrop.
Lyle Lorenson, Omniseed, and 3 others

I’m currently using a couple of small thermos‘ to take brewed coffee to work. But I’ve been thinking of picking up one of these Zojirushi SM-YAE48TD Travel Mugs, 16 oz, Dark Cocoa. They seem to be highly regarded.
At work the contigo cups are very popular. I have an Avex cup which is basically the same thing. Insulated bottle Im going with klean Kanteen. I have a hydroflask but they wouldnt back their warranty for a busted cap outside the US so wont give them any more custom.
I see insulated cups and water bottles in a lot of people's pics. Hydroflask, Yeti, Rtic, etc etc.