Will the HD 6XX be comfortable for my ears?

I have had the HD419s forever but the cups are too small for my ears. Not completely surround them. For the Sony WH1000XM3 I have the right ear fits nicely. But the Left ear is just a tad bigger and after time gets uncomfortable. Are the HD 6XX ear cups equal to or bigger than the Sony's?

The HD650 (aka 6XX in original clothes) still holds the record for the longest straight head time and I've got over 30 pairs. While my ears are the same size the left one protrudes slightly more than the other and I have zero comfort issues. Arya and Elex positioned incorrectly and my left ear rubs.
With my headshape I have no issues, but my head is not overly wide.
Jul 1, 2020
Thanks for the prompt reply. I’d say I’m more like a “peanut” head, not very wide either. Drop’s return policy seems to be reasonable so i may give them a try.
Apr 30, 2020
I have very sensitive ears with ear scarring and excess wax that cant drain properly bc of the angle of my ear canals. My ears and long term comfort are important for me and the 6xx is perfect for me. The headband cushioning is so comfy and the open ears really alleviate the pressure i would feel with other headphones. The reason i got them was bc i tried my friends hd600s and they were the most comfortable and best sounding headphones id used and decided i needed a pair for my sensitive ears. If you wear them all day youll have some discomfort sometimes, but besides that and the fact that when theyre new to you youll need to break them / stretch em out to where theyll be sitting most of the time on your head theyre great for ear comfort but new things are noticed more to us so as you get used to them and they stretch out theyll be fine. Also i think the cups are bigger than the sonys, ive used both but also the open style of the 6xxs really helps w ear pressure comfort imo.
Apr 30, 2020
The HD 6XX has large cups that can house pretty large ears, so I find them comfortable. The caveat is that the clamping force is enormous when new. What I did is take the pads off, extend the yokes out all the way, and stretch the headphone out over 2 tissue boxes. Leave it like this overnight (or longer), and then it becomes comfortable. Unfortunately, the only real way to tell for you is to try them out yourself.
Apr 29, 2020
There is no thing that is more comfortable than hd 6xx(once it looses a bit of clamp)(a month is enough), there isnt, it doesnt exist,its as comfortable as it gets, and it doesnt get hot as it is open back(comparing to closed back)
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