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Nov 19, 2017
I haven't played many board games sadly, but I did have a chance to try Catan and really liked it. I haven't had a chance since because... I have no friends.
Nov 19, 2017
Feb 14, 2018
Feb 14, 2018
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Are gift cards refundable?
Oct 15, 2021
Product Question
Purchased on September 12, 2020.  MASSDROP X KLYMIT INSULATED V ULTRALITE SL SLEEPING PAD's cap is blowing air.  I live in South Korea. How can I fix it?
Dec 2, 2021
Product Question
My clip snapped after about a year. Is there a way I can replace it? 3rd party clips?
Dec 2, 2021
Product Question
Where can I find replacement clip for this flashlight? Mine broken...
Nov 29, 2021
Product Question
Anyone have an idea what sized bearings this knife uses?
Nov 28, 2021
Product Question
is the 2 person version advisable for a thru hike. I will be hiking the PCT next year and am interested in this tent. I will be hiking solo but tend to find 1 person tents to be too cramped. My concern is that, without being able to see the tent in person, the 2p version would reduce potential camp spots. I am otherwise looking at more conventional 2 person tents such as big agnes tiger wall, but much prefer the design and features of the xmid.
Nov 23, 2021
Product Question
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Completely surprised by the lack of blade diversity here on Drop...
I’ve been a collector of Blades since before my teens, and a retailer coming up on 15… or maybe 20 years. Drop has really been kind of an interesting experience for me, because I do occasionally get to see some unusual tech and sometimes EDC items that otherwise I might not have been aware of. And maybe it’s because I have a deep love of cutlery and bladed weapons, but I find myself trolling through the site looking at it what’s available; and it’s just it’s pretty much the same. And the bladed community here is just always confused me.. every single knife is about the same, they’re almost all drop points and although the handle materials change and brands change.. it’s really just the same knife over and over and over again... occasionally you’ll see a tanto or a slight variant; but rarely… and almost never a serrated blade. And I’m just deeply amazed at this diversion of serrated blades. And I’m just surprised there isn’t more of a request for diversity here.... and I...
Mar 12, 2020
Can we get Sony E-Mount or other mirrorless camera options please..
Would be nice to see some Sony E mount full frame cameras on here. I currently shoot with a A99 and they killed the lense path for better or more option lenses and now is all E-Mount. 🤔
Jan 13, 2020
There Are Pandas, and Then There Are Pandas.
And this isn't either of them! The Pandas we're talking about here, are watches, not bears. And what got me thinking about them (again) was a link posted this morning by @cm.rook who pointed a few of us to the very attractive (and not terribly priced) Yema "Rallygraph" Panda which, in it's most traditional arrangement, looks like the one on the left, but can also be had in the version on the right: The model on the left is a true Panda, while the model on the right is called a reverse Panda. The reason for that distinction is clear--Panda bears, only come in the first arrangement. Now, at this point, everyone should be thinking about the most well-know Panda, The Rolex Panda, which is actually a Daytona, and among Rolex Daytonas, the most famous of which is the Paul Newman Daytona, which was famous first, because it was Paul's, and second because it sold at auction for $17.8 million (US Dollars). The story of that auction is well-known so I'll only...
Nov 8, 2019