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Aug 12, 2016
My top 10, based on my ratings of them on BGG:
1. Scythe A competitive game for up to 5 players. It's basically area control with some heavy Euro influences, which means combat is not particularly strong in the game.
2. Kingdom Death: Monster Honestly this is the most impressive game I own, but it better be damned impressive for having a MSRP of $400. It's a combination of settlement building, survival horror and a dungeon crawler. A very heavy game that's hard to get to the table, but when you do it's one of the best board game experiences you'll ever have.
3. Above and Below The lightest of my top 3, A&B is a competitive settlement builder with strong storytelling aspects. Very Euro.
4. Blood Rage Pretty much the exact opposite of A&B, but almost as good. Beat the crap out of people as you try to accumulate the most honor before Ragnarok.
5. Celestia The lightest game on my top 10, but very, very good. For the price I recommend everyone to have it in your collection. It's a simple, fun push your luck game with bluffing and deception.
6. Eldritch Horror A very heavy and thematic cooperative game where you are trying to prevent an Old One from crossing over into the world. Set aside at least 2 hours for this one, though, especially if you're playing with 4 or more, which I suggest.
7. Lords of Waterdeep One of the iconic Euro games, but still a good one. Play as a masked lord of waterdeep, hiring adventurers to complete quests and outsmart your competition.
8. The Others A one versus all game where one player is one of the seven deadly sins and everyone else is against them. Really it's the best one versus all game I've ever played, so if you like that style of game (not everyone does) then it's a good one to pick up.
9. Paperback Just slightly heavier than Celestia, but still super light. Basically a better version of scrabble.
10. Bloodborne It's strange just how much strategy you can get out of what is basically a card game. Part cooperative and part competitive, but very fun.
Aug 12, 2016
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