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Aug 12, 2016
I started out as a video gamer. Went to a convention in 2002 for a Halo tournament, and during a bye round wandered into the board gaming room, and never went back to my tournament. Now I have about 375 games in my collection (after selling off ~300 to move cross country), and more coming in all the time.
1) Terra Mystica - a little bit of everything in this. It's not quite an area-control game, not quite a worker placement, not quite a 4X, but a little taste of all of those.
2) Power Grid - A classic, and with all of the expansion maps still a favorite. Korea especially, splitting the resource market was genius.
3) Scythe - Area control with an engine builder and just a smattering of "read off your encounter and choose a response".
4) Pandemic: Legacy - I was hesitant about this at first, like many people, but the unforgiving nature of it added such a feeling of tension and importance to every scenario that it was easily one of my top games. I cannot wait for Season 2 and Seafall.
5) Eclipse - When this first came out I hated it. But the expansions have made it a much better game, and I have now tricked out my copy with everything they publish for it, a custom space mat to play on, and a ton of upgraded bits and tokens for it. It can be a long one, but it's a lot of fun.
6) Princes of Florence - Another old game, but still great, with auction and tile-placement aspects, as well as limited actions and money being very tight.
7) Dead of Winter - I hate zombies, and I think they're horribly overused, but this semi-coop is just a fun game, and the upcoming expansion looks to make it even better.
8) Pursuit of Happiness - Despite the shipping issues Artipia had with this kickstarter, I was one of the lucky ones who had no trouble, and this is a really fun and thematic "life-builder". Worker placement where your "workers" are actually time you spend out of your life.
9) Amun-Re - The very first board game I ever played (post-childhood), and the one that got me addicted. It's aged a bit, but the auction/secret bidding/building game with the twist where after half the game everything you have built gets re-bid on and can end up helping others is still one of my top 10.
10) Alchemists - Another worker-placement with a lot of logic deduction and hidden information. This can be a brain-burner, but it's a lot of fun (except when you realize that someone made a mistake and you based a lot of your assumptions on their flawed logic).
Aug 12, 2016
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