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So what is the best comfortable headphone under 100 bucks ?

search up takstar pro 82
You could get some nice used pairs for 100$ DT990, M50x, HD6XX perhaps. Just swap out the pads and they are as good as new.
Philips SHP9500 (~$50) with different pads (personally like Shure 1840 pads, ~$20) and custom modified headstrap (~$15 for MrSpeakers TX0RP leather comfort strap) are more comfortable than AKG K7XX which is an EXTREMELY comfortable headphone. The SHP9500 can be one of the most comfortable headphones at any price, and its sounds good as well.
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These couldn't be farther from bassy
SHP9500 has slight bass emphasis, but overall a more neutral tuned can. Bass is not bad stock, but much better with pads and attenuator. I do like my bass (modded TH-X00PH, modded M1060, STAX L300) and modded SHP9500 satisfies mostly. SHP9500 with Shure 1840 pads and custom attenuators have nice bass that works very well until subbass, where it does 'ok'. The subbass roll off compared to a TH-X00PH or M1060 is my only complaint with the bass, but overall it still works well and is pleasant to listen to with very good midbass. Midbass punch is just about on par with the TH-X00PH.
These tracks sound dynamic and impactful enough on my SHP9500 straight out my tablet with no external DAC/amp used:
Thracks like these are where it seems a little held back, due to the subbass:
Should really stretch it to 150$ and get the Sennheiser HD58X currently on massdrop.