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First non-assisted Flipper Knife

Hello there. I wish to have your opinion on this topic: what would be the best choice for a first non-assisted flipper with a budget of around 60-80 $USD. I'm into knives a lot but I do not know much about flippers and I don't really want to mess with all these good and not-so-good Chinese company and counterfeits...

Factor Iconic is a great for $79 with their 20% coupon code on their site https://www.factorequipment.com/product-category/knives/
Thanks! Be checking that vert soon!
Kershaw has a great lineup I'd also vote for the skyline and like namhod stated Kizer has some great quality in that range. The Tangram knives are pretty decent, I own two have have been impressed by the quality for the money. I would be looking for a framelock instead of liner lock, but that's a personal preference.
Just got a Kizer kyre for 50$ from mass drop. Mty first big sized flipper. Great knife so far 3 weeks or so. Steel will seems like good knives.
The lower end Steel Will knives. You can get two for that price. Cutjack, Modus I think there are a few more model names I can't remember.
The Kizer Vanguard series has a lot to offer in that price range as well. They are a solid Chinese company that does not do knockoffs. Kizer's low end the Tangram knives has a couple flippers but I haven't tried any, heard good things about them, and I like my Tangram Santa Fe. Amazing build quality for $30.
You could always deassist a Kershaw Link/Dividend/Knockout. I have heard that works well.
Oh, thanks for the advice! I'll look at those. It's nice to know kizer has a lower-end brand, I'm confident I'll find something great with this or with Steel Will's options. Have a great one!
CRKT with IKBS would be good in that range. Really can't be beat for price point and flipping action. They have a ton of models, (almost all of the Ken Onion knives for example) and apart from meh steels you'll probably love them. It would help knowing what form factor, blade shape, carry situation, etc.
I'd also look into some staples like the Kershaw Skyline, if you're just looking for something proven.
Good luck!
Thanks! I really dont mind "meh" steels, the knife probably just gonna be used for food prep, box opening and whatnot... for everything else, I've got a cold steel rajah III with decent CTS-BD1 steel. I juste want to see if I like flippers, and if I really want to invest for a very good one later. It was nice to give me your advice, I'll look at CRKT's right away.
Have a great one!
The Skyline is a great suggestion. Sandvik steel, US made. Budget friendly.