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Electronic Arc Lighter

Rich like gold, this 10oz gold bar replica electric lighter will impress your friends and family.
Check it out:
  • Windproof
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Lifetime warranty
Did we mention:
  • Scorching hot dual-beams
  • Easy-to-clean and maintain
  • Up to 300 lights per charge
  • 75 minute charge time
The Goldingot model ELEKTRO Lighter features a lithium-ion battery in a zinc-alloy encasement - no more refueling! The dual-beam crossover arc containment is placed vertically atop the device, making it super easy to get a quick light. This model is complete with an auto-off safety function that stops the arc after 5 seconds.  All ELEKTRO Lighters are backed by our lifetime warranty.

Plasma arc lighters look cool, but they're actually pretty ineffective when it comes to lighting umm... 'things'
Great for setting fire to corners of paper and stuff. Actual, practical usability is a nope.
I'd recommend starting a poll, as this looks more like an advertisement than anything else