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New Custom Poll: Manhattan Portage Pen Cases - Massdrop Exclusive

I'm super stoked to announce a new custom project that I've been working on since the beginning of this year. We've partnered with Manhattan Portage to create two compact pen cases that are perfect for carrying the essentials of your writing arsenal.
Below are the all-black fabric prototypes of the two styles we'll be offering: the Clamshell and the Half-Zip.
Manhattan Portage is known for their unique "New York Tough" style, which has held true to its name for over thirty years. Combining functionality, durability, and timeless style, you might recognize the iconic red label; I know I see MP bags daily here in San Francisco!
Now we need your help to decide which colors of Manhattan Portage's signature 100D Cordura nylon these two cases will be manufactured in.
You can find the poll for the Clamshell colors here:
And the Half-Zip case here:
Each poll shows digital renderings of the cases in the selected color, along with their set interior colors. You can also see a scan of the actual Cordura fabric swatch in the corner.

The top colors will be submitted to Manhattan Portage, and will be made available when these cases drop. I can't wait to see what you guys choose!
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Looks awesome!! Hope a red ine comes around😃
Lots of nice leather pen cases in the $30-40 range that know how to treat nice fountain pens. These look like very nice tool / knife cases that someone who doesn't know what a Nakaya is thought could hold pens. I'm not going to vote because, while a nice tool case, these just aren't nice fountain pen cases.
I checked out their website and believe the goal is to make a durable and functional product. So, I understand the fabric choices. I don't have high end pens so the inside fabric wasn't an initial concern for me. Now that it was pointed out, I definitely agree with those who do want to protect their pens from possible scratches/rubbing on the nylon. Perhaps this will lead Manhattan Portage to develop another product to inclue a softer inner lining. Having options is always good for the masses :) I like several of the current colors offered...Although it is always hard to translate actual colors on the computer. The mustard reminds me of a classic durable raincoat :) I think a terracotta'ish with a sunflower gold interior would be fun.

The bright green would look great with most of the colors...maybe not red. But I like the green much better! Maybe that could be an option, too.
I wish the inside were something other than red! Navy or grey, or anything else would be preferable.
How about super bright green (neon green) :)?
I really feel there should be a different material on the inside. Nylon is pretty durable-ish, but I wouldn't want my super expensive pens against nylon. Too easy to scratch in my opinion.
I think if this is priced far less than $50, you'll see this sell well. If you're aiming for the 50-dollar range, you may want to reconsider the internal fabric. is example of what i have. I have 2 of them right now, and I trust the fabric not to mess up my pens at all, given how soft it is. I do like the zipper idea you have far more than the piece used by the pilot case.
edit: forgot about the fact I can attach images. Including an image of some more medium-ish pens inside the roll. Gives an idea of the spacing in the roll.
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How do you feel about the Pilot Kakuno? You have me interested and I did a little bit of research on my own and am interested in that pen. Thank you in advance!
I honestly never used that specific pen. To my knowledge, most of the cheaper pilots share the same general nib, and this nib looks very similar to that of the Pilot Prera (Which I do own - about 6 of them). The Pilot nibs have been solid from every one I purchased, so I suspect this one will be just as solid. Pilot nibs write really like one is writing with a nail - there's no give, no line variation. I'd say this will write the same. Only til you get to the gold nibs do you start getting line variation.
That said, the price point of this pen is really cheap, and you're not out a whole lot. I've also heard good things about this specific pen. Pilot nibs seem to be more solid on QA in my experience, too. I've had some nibs that weren't great from the factory from other manufacturers, but not Pilot. Do note that at this price point, your nib isn't being checked by a real person. Machines generally check these pens, which isn't necessarily bad, but isn't great either. Really until you get to the mid 300-500 range, no nib you buy will be human tested.
The only thing cautioning on is that English and Japanese nibs differ in sizes. The differences are only til you get to Medium or so. But a Japanese Fine = Western Extra Fine. Japanese Medium is a little more broad than a Western fine. So it's worth gauging based off your existing pen. If you write small, get a Japanese Fine. If you write large, then aim for a Japanese Medium.
I would love to see further collaborations, like EDC pouches (Maxpedition/Skinth style) or tech pouches for chargers, cables and other paraphernalia.
I wish their pink colorway was an option!
I voted got the blue one but any of them would be fine, love all the great colors and it kind of wakes up the pen case world with these fun colors as well.
I've never had much interest in pen cases, but this might change after seeing these. Hope this leads to more collaborations with Manhattan Portage.