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Hd 650/6xx Amp

What amp would you guys recommend for HD 650s with a budget of around $200 - $300. I'm going to be pairing the amp with a Topping D30 dac.
I'm currently very satisfied with my 650s running out of the D30. I am able to get ample power already, so ideally want an amp that changes the sound somewhat. I feel like the 650s are a bit too upfront/in your face and find the bass a bit overpowering. I guess I would like sound to be more spacious and warm, with the vocals and upper range to be a tad bit more emphasized.
I'm a complete noob when it comes to the audio world and could do with some guidance. Currently looking at the Massdrop CTH, Little Dot Mk2, dark voice, and Schiit Magni 3.
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I would highly recommend the bottlehead crack. It’s a match made in heaven with the Sennheiser hd headphones. The schiit lyr3 is also excellent with these headphones but it a bit more expensive.
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I already bought a used Valhalla 2. The Crack + speedball upgrade was outside my budget of $250-$300. I do have a decent soldering iron due to my custom keyboard addiction. I guess my hesitancy was unfounded. Is there much of a difference between the Valhalla and the Crack? My next purchase would probably be a solid state to round out the collection.
What an excellent and thoughtful suggestion..I hope lots of others see this as well because that was a genuinely great comment, and link as well. I really appreciate the Massdrop community and the general disposition of the majority on here doing what they can to help those with lesser experience find answers to questions they have and being so helpful with suggestions on the wonderful journey into audiophile bliss
If you have a little bit of a DIY side, the Bottlehead Crack is an excellent match.
I pulled the trigger on the Valhalla 2. I think the Valhalla will be a safer long term investment, specially when buying used. The high failure rate of the Darkvoice made me cautious, considering this would be my last audio related purchase for a while. I just don't want to deal with the chance of a channel imbalance, hum/hiss or faulty electronics.
If I had a solid state backup, I would have probably gone with the Darkvoice because of its far more noticeable tube-y sound. I also read that the Darkvoice is a lot better for tube rolling. As for the Massdrop CTH, I could not find enough reviews/impressions online to make an informed judgement. Thanks for the advice all!
The Emotiva BasX A-100 is in your price range and, once you remove those two internal jumper clips, will give you 50W to your headphones (can hurt you if you aren't careful).
Little dot mk2 or mk3 depending on the look you prefer. Can't go wrong
What amp are you currently using with your D30?
If you already have a solid state amp you like I would recommend getting a DarkVoice 336SE. I got mine a few weeks ago and it's a perfect fit with my 6xx. The rest of my gear has not been touched since I started using this setup.
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IDK, I have never used the Valhalla 2. Everything I read says it's a good amp. Give it a shot and report back on your thoughts.
Go for it, Valhalla pairs well with the sennheiser and 800 mw @ 300 ohms is very powerful.
U should get a Jotunheim, synergy for the HD6XX is very high.
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I would save up the extra 100$ if I were you. Jotunheim is hard to beat once u have it so no upgrading for a long time.
What tubes do you have on them? I am getting a darkvoice used for $215 and a used valhalla for $300. Between these 2 and the Massdrop cth, which one would you pick?
I'm running the DarkVoice 336SE and the Little Bear P7 and I'm very happy with them. I've tried plenty of amps: various Schiit, FIIO, some cheaper chinese tubes and solid states.
I have to say it's hard to go wrong with these as long as you change the tubes out.
BTW, I did a back-to-back deep comparison to Schiit Magni 3 and I really just felt the Magni lacked oomph and character compared to the tubes. Might be personal preference though.
I am very interested in the Schiit Valhalla 2. It seems to have all the pros of my chinese tube amps without being chinese and the precision of a solid state amp while retaining the soft tube sound.
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I have the DarkVoice 336SE and the 6xx. It's an awesome combo. IMO, the stock tubes for the DarkVoice are good, but the amp really came to life when I swapped out them out for an RCA 6AS7G NOS and a Shuguang Treasure CV181-Z (6SN7).
The RCA tube was about $30 the Shuguang Treasure was $110. I read some reviews about how good the Treasure is and figured I skip the tube rolling journey and go straight for end game. Probably saved money in the long run. The price of the Treasure gave me pause, but for me it's worth it. With these tubes in the DarkVoice and the 6xx I don't think I'll be upgrading to anything else anytime soon. The open sound stage, separation, clarity, solid low end and warmth are ideal to my ear.
I also learned what the 6xx/650 veil is about. After listening for a couple of weeks exclusively through the DarkVoice, plugging the 6xx into my Aune X1s I immediately sensed the veiled mids. I wont make that mistake again.
I'd go for the Schitt myself. I have a lowly Vali2 and I notice a difference with tubes even. Maybe not as much as the Valhalla but Electro Harmonix 6922 sure blows away the tube it comes with, to my ears at least. I think that tube is under $15, not sure, got the Vali2 used (mint) for $100 on HeadFi , and the extra tube came with. I'm listening with AKG K712 Pro 's. If something sounds better, it can't be by much