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The Smallest Bluetooth Earbuds Ever.

From, these earphones are simply amazing for people looking for a wireless earpiece .. check it out Hope Massdrop can get something going especially for the Bullet 2.0 stereo earbuds
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I'm no expert, but from friends that use this sort of "true wireless" earbuds, the problem my friends and I have with these are size. Size is probably the worst thing about these kinds of headphones, just on the basis that they're usually small, and as such, are easier to lose. Have it too big, or have something hanging out, and it looks a bit stupid imo, like Apple Airpods. If you want something "wireless" I'd suggest dealing with those Bluetooth earbuds which have one wire that goes around your neck, they even have the added convenience of just hanging it on your neck with the earbuds out. If you have the funds, buy a Bose pair, and if you're on a budget, my personal recommendation is The Coulax Sport Bluetooth earphones, not a top brand name, but I'm satisfied with it's use, as well as the CVC 6.0 passive noise cancellation. I do realize that these are sport headphones I'm talking about, but I'd suggest you see them as more sport-usable. These headphones focus on comfort and light weight while staying in your ear, and if one earbud falls out, you don't panic, perfect for sport use along with how most are sweat resistant, but also great overall use. I use my Coulax just for wireless listening on my laptop or phone, say for a video or a call as well. TL;DR: Don't look at "smallest" as good, as these types of headphones do have major convenience and QOL problems.
Best of luck with those--AirPods are hard enough to hold on to--much less not lose at $150 the pair, those babies are $150 a side!
While it's possible they are different, they look identical to the Rowkin line. They are more than twice the cost. I also had a problem with connection issues anytime my phone was in my pocket (even a real close pocket like in a polo shirt pocket). The problems with connection was the main reason I returned them. Also, I couldn't get more than half a day battery life out of them - not only do you need to carry the charger but you need to recharge the headset 1-2 times a day. The audio quality was very good - the other issues made them impractical for my use.
These are the same as and from the same assembly line as Rowken Bit Charge and Bit Stereo earpieces... at twice the cost.
You are right, Rowken released a new line of wireless earbuds that basically look exactly the same... At the time when I wrote this post, that wasn't the case.... I'm hearing a lot of good things about the Skybuds though...
I need this to be a good product, I'm dying to have small, true wireless earbuds that don't have a fatal flaw in sound quality, connectivity, or battery life.
Has anyone tried these? Would love to hear from a brave early adopter.
I'm hearing a lot of good things about the Skybuds at the moment... there are plenty of youtube reviews about them online...
I would not expect them to compare at all to the Bose qc30. I would love to find a real wireless in ear bud, but after wear testing a number of them on planes and working out there have been none to really compare to the sound and the battery life of the Bose.
I own a pair... the sound quality is great...., but..., the connection issue is real when you put your phone in your pocket. The signal cuts out. Save your money.
The "Headphones" by Bragi are not bad, I'm curious about these...
These look very, very much like the Rowkin Mini+ that are available on Amazon for $60.
they look similar but supposedly these are much better quality...
Did everybody forget about Earin?
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ahh! I was not aware of that.
Yeah I thought Earin had the best chance of not sucking and turns out (at least with the initial batches) I was wrong... Amazon reviews are always subject to additional scrutiny but this many people can't be completely off their rocker
I've seen at least a half dozen of these style of in-ears announced in the last 18 months. None of the ones that have made it to market have been able to maintain a reliable connection between the two earbuds. The only reviews I can find on these are for the single earpiece, not the 2.0 Stereo buds. Once this technology has matured I will become an adopter, already not a huge fan of bluetooth audio handling.
completely agree with you. but these guys have been manufacturing other products that have historically hit the mark. the product is brand new which is why no one has reviewed it yet.. I shot an email to them about this concern and they were like "give it a little'll be hearing from us soon". I m just trying to give people a heads up on what could be an amazing product
How does their audio quality compare to something like a bose earbud?
I'm not too sure how it compares but to answer your question, it would probably be best for you to contact their customer service directly, they usually reply withing 1 day.