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Fly Fishing Rods, Reels, Line, and Fly's.

More fishing gear in general would be nice to see on mass drop, but they appear few and far between. I hope that with this talk I can spark an increase in the amount of rods from across the spectrum of basic rods to really nice rods and the frequency that they pop up on here.
Potentially fishing/fly fishing could be its own community. Yet, I am defiantly actively looking for new fly rod set up for this summer. I currently am looking at scientific angler rod set ups, as well as a few other brands. If anyone has any tips and or other suggestions for complete rod set ups for around 180-250 dollars and would like to see them on mass drop enter this disscussion.
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One of the best deals out there in terms of value and  quality of rod design is the Redington series of rod and reel outfits.  Check out their webpage.  https://www.redington.com/fly-fishing-combos.  Redington rods are designed by SAGE out of Bainbridge Washington.  I'm presuming that everyone must know that SAGE is the Cadillac of Fly Rod design!  Happy Fishing!
My son used Tenkara fly gear when thru hiking. They make many ultralight rods that are also collapsible so they fit in your pack.
I agree, this is definitely a category we can work on expanding. What brands would you be interested in seeing on Massdrop?
I would like to see some equipment for backcountry flyfishing. Also flyfishing float tube equipment.
Try the Fenwick Aetos or the Temple Fork Outfitters BVK rods. Both are in your price range. The BVK 4 is quite stiff and a 5-weight line works very well on it.
I've found that if you go through your local fly shop they are willing to help out and will pair you with a rod and reel depending on your level of experience. Letting them know your budget is always helpful. Some shops will even throw in a casting lesson.
I fly fish quite often, tie flies & recently built my first rod. I‘m dead shocked there isn’t a fly community here.
TFO makes a great starting rod for trout. (https://tforods.com/project-healing-waters-fly-rods/) Are you fishing for trout? Where/what type of water? Lake? Small stream? Big rivers? Typically you will hear that a 9’ 5wt is the all around beginners friend. (I have issues w/ that, but...) The next questions are; how often will you fish, what is your budget? Bigger $ generally =‘s less wt., better material, warrant, etc. Orvis & others have videos & blogs that can guide you along, but all will need those q’s answered. Idoc mentioned a big box & online bargains. I’ve done both. Great if you know what you really want. Easy to get lost out there shopping if you’re not sure. On that note, I‘d avoid tenkara altogether (at least for now) as it’s almost a different sport & the gear, casting, etc is different. Feel fee to hit me up if you want more help.
Try Cabelas for a pretty good selection of reasonably priced, affordable, complete set-ups. Their warranty is decent too. Check out Sierra Trading Post for individual rods and reels - they're also a great source for discounted tippet and flies if you don't tie your own. Depending on your fishing plans, you may want to look into the fixed-line methods of fly fishing (TenkaraBum and TenkaraUSA are good resources for info).