Apr 17, 201890 views

New to Audio. What to look for when shopping for IEM's?

Hey All,
I want to get myself a good quality pair of IEM's. I currently use the one that came with iphone and after a better sound quality while also maintaining a comfortable fit in my ear. I have heard Shure are good, but coming on hear there seems to be a few pairs with good reviews from Nuforce. What do I look for to tell if they will have a good quality sound? Would anyone recommend a pair? Budget is $50-$100.

Looks like you're looking for "good" in "good sound". Dunno. Frequency balance will depend on your preference, but certain unspoken rules will remain. Some of these would be imaging, soundstage, texture, detail, refinement, bass tightness, extension etc. Do take note of things like fit, comfort, isolation, cable noise and such as well
try out the planar in ears from monoprice, theyr awsome and cost on sale 100 bucks