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MTG Library Storage

How do you guys store your collection? I started with one of those big cardboard boxes, but after so many moves it's definitely seen better days. It's also since spilled over to a few odd sized boxes, a couple fat pack containers, and a shoebox. I would like to find something to better store/sort all these cards and am curious what systems you might use.
A friend of mine lucked out and found a library getting rid of one of their card catalog cabinets that is pretty ideal, but I'll be damned if I'm going to keep moving that hunk of oak or steel around with me. Some day that would be nice, but looking for something a little more movable right now.
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I use this style of box sorted by block if I purchased enough. Slide them under the bed and bam out of sight out of mind lol.
For my cube I actually bought this case from MassDrop: It fits all the cards plus lands double sleeved with space for tokens and extra sleeves.
Since RTR I've kept all my "standard" cards in their Holiday Boxes. for my modern cards. those just move around the generic white cardboards ones. recently with the Masters sets I've been able to keep those in fatpacks. just used some white duct tape and a sharpie to label the ends.
Have been interested in the white cardboard one Alex is using. just something more uniform and simple.
These BCW boxes are awesome but i think they're like $60 last I checked. So i built the housing for the small 800ct boxes with scrap cardboard and just bought the small boxes saved hella moneys
I have 4 of the broken token boxes and they're pretty good, but they're the same as an "artist's case" from hobby lobby + BT's inserts for more than the combined cost if the two (self assembly of laser cut ply isn't that hard).
There's also a couple things I dislike about them. First, the dividers can fall out pretty easily. They just slide in. This could be fixed by some superglue, but then it's less flexible next time you re-sort. Second, they're taller internally than MTG cards, so you'll have to put in some sort of spacer if you want it to be quiet when you're carrying it around. I used some 12"x12" packing foam sheets from
The cases are pretty bullet proof though, and I have 4 that I use to store different cubes in.
Yes, I was suggesting self assembly. The artists boxes with a 50% coupon are a much better deal.
So you did! I wasn't reading too closely the first time through. I just wanted to make it clear not to be a sucker like I was when I bought mine.
I also have a Pirate Lab carry case that I use to hold deck boxes. Without the foam inserts, it can fit 5 deck boxes wide and 6 deck boxes deep (I have standard Ultra Pro deck boxes with 1 row of edh decks). It gets pretty heavy when you pack it that full, but I haven't noticed much wear on the straps over the 4 months I've had it.
Team, please disregard if this makes no sense, I'm not a CCG player. Broken token makes some organizersthat slide into the inexpensive "artist cases" one can buy at craft supply stores. Depending upon you size of collection, this could be a solution, especially if you made a plywood hutch with furring strip rails so you could store multiples atop one another without having to support the weight of multiples. Clearly, with a little effort you could make your own dividers for these boxes using foamcore.
I picked up a card catalog at a local auction for $50 a few months back, though it is one of the smaller ones used for clerical records, it has served me well thus far. Might be something to look into.
Been thinking the same thing, but haven't looked too hard yet. Is yours playing card size? I remember index card size predominantly from childhood. And if so is there a name for the type?
I have a medium size collection and for some time I was using fat pack boxes, but now I use Kmc's card box 1000 ( the professor gave it a great review on TCC) and I double sleeve all my cards in perfect fits and ultra pro double mattes (not playing with just storage) for play I use Ultimate Guard Supreme Mattes which shuffle like butter
I guess it really does depend on how many cards you have and how you want them sorted. I know since I started playing in Magic Origins, I really don't have that many cards yet.
I used to store them in fat pack boxes but then I switched to a BCW card storage house ( and that seems to work pretty well. It holds all commons and uncommon that I own in standard as well as commonly used cards for modern. As cards rotate out of standard, if I don't expect them to be playable in modern, I put a playset in a BCW super monster box ( that I keep in a large plastic storage bin in the garage, the rest are donated to my LGS.
I guess the main thing that I would point out, is that at the end of the day these are cardboard boxes that are cheap to replace when they do have an issue. Those BCW boxes are $8 for a 10-pack.
I use 2 "Card Hotel" from BCW side by side Each color is divided into "creature", "non creature", and "land" boxes, running horizontally. I still have 4 extra boxes on the end that I user for sleeves and sealed land packs from fat packs.
I got my card catalog from a used office supply place. It was still 500, but it is well worth it as a permanent solution. I wouldn't want to have it if I was moving often, but fortunately I'm an old man and don't move often. I would still say many card boxes and a book shelf is the best solution short of something like a card catalog.
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Picture was before I reorged the boxes. It shows Them side by side with a big full warhammer case on top.
Oh wow, that awesome. Could use some work on the labeling tho. ;) We know where blue is!
the Card Hotel from works reasonably well for storing sorted bulk. I use mine for common/uncommon playsets from rotated-out sets. Rares, of course, stay in binders :) I, too, would love a library card catalog system, except for the price.
Break out your tools, Alex, and build yourself a swanky card organizer. :D
Ikea makes some nice Birch wood organizers like the Fira and Moppe, but they aren't sold in the US for some unknown reason. You should be able to find them on Ebay.
I think at some point I'm just going to have to do that. Those library card catalogs are like $700+ and I'm not about to drop that kind of money for card org. Once I'm done with apartment life I think I'll build a board game/mtg wall thing. I wonder if I could hack together some ikea stuff in the mean time.
I edited with a slightly more helpful comment. ;)