Let's talk Belts
So let's begin the talk with an assumption. For the purposes of this discussion, belts are one of the three "EDC" or "essential" accessories for men (the other two being shoes and watch). So what are your thoughts and preferences for belts? What are the essential styles and colors every man must have? What is your Unicorn belt?
For me, I don't like anything under 1 1/4 width, always leather, and well made. I'm not a fabric belt fan, and I hate the skinny belts they sell for "dress". I think every man should have two black belts, one polished and one wider and more casual, a dark brown belt , and a light brown or cognac belt.
Now for me, the hard thing (not quite unicorn, but a struggle none the less) is purpose built quality leather belts for removable belt buckles without the hole cut for a prong in the loop. I'm a collector of unusual belt buckles, and some of them leave the end of the belt exposed and that hole ruins the look for me. Most belts built for buckles like this are huge (2 inch), cheap leather, and built for guys wearing pretend rodeo buckles the size of my head. That's not my thing. My buckles are small, often vintage, and usually pretty understated. They deserve a good belt.
So anyway. What do you think about your belts?
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