Apr 19, 2018104 views

Good speaker setup for $250-ish?

I tend to prefer balanced sound signatures.
I'm just gonna have these sitting on my desk, to the sides of my monitor. I'll sit 2 ft away from them and I'll usually have them at a low volume.
If using a DAC/Amp will greatly improve my sound quality I'll allocate some of my budget towards that. Otherwise I'll just leave them connected directly to my computer.
Thank you!

Edifier makes a few in that price range that are quite nice, I believe the rb2000 and s1000 are what the two models are called...the audio engine are also nice, but the a5 doesn’t rlly sound nutral, it’s kinda of a more consumer sound signature what somewhat peaky treble and forward bass.
Used Audioengine A5+
Check out Audioengine A2+ 👍
Vanatoo T0 for 359.99.(small and sounds big!)
I'll definitely consider it but I'd have to save up for a while to be able to afford it. How's the sound sig?
IDK but they were my first real sprakers. Look up zreviews he has a review on it.