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Powering planar headphones with desktop amps

Is anyone running their planars on low power desktop amps?

The recent tube amp drop with 3w+3w @ 8 ohms seems to be adequate in terms of power.

Getting more into running planars as I am to receive my HE4XX next month.

I typically use a Lyr or H10 for my home listening but I have used my O2 to test out the other cans in my collection. I don't think you should have an issue as the HE500 is a little too hungry for the O2 but the Audeze Sine I have has no issues with it. The newer Hifimans and Audeze are much easier to drive than the older generations (HE4,5,500,6 Pre-fazor Audeze).
Yes. And you will like the HE4XXers on a nice tubie.
The DV OTL will sufficiently power them,for instance, but I prefer a bit more "oomph" for my range definition, so I am using Woo WA 2, WA6 for them. And I like these HE4XX cans. I have to figure out how to re-post my review of them in the new section, if I do say so, its a pretty decent review meant for folks wanting a handle on the "enjoyability" of the 'phones. You can prob'ly dig it up if you want....
(As an aside; I think I am going to make sure to include the HE mags in my list of cans used to review sources from now on. They get dropped around here, as do sources Im reviewing on Massdrop, so it's going to be more directly helpful to do so...)
Your HE4XX needs about 7V peak and 200mA peak (that's 1.4W peak @ 35Ω for those keeping track) to cover its power needs. I typically run mine with O2 and it seems to get the job done or at least does well enough that I don't notice much clipping.
Haven’t received my 4XXs yet, but I’ll let you know...