Apr 24, 201881 views

Monolith M560s for gaming?

I've recently become interested in the M560s because they are currently 25% off on Monoprice's site, and they seem to have received glowing reviews for build quality and sound. I've never heard planar phones before and am very curious considering their low price. My main concern is, how are planar phones with games? I think I'd be fine purchasing them for music, but I never really hear people talk about planar phones and gaming, so I'm a bit sketchy about choosing them. Anybody have any experience with this? If so, a comment would be much appreciated. Thanks!



I think they would be pretty nice with their imaging and sounstage. Not really an audiophile but I think those features are nice for gaming at least. Here's also a list made by one of the most appriciated reviewers where he listed good headphones for gaming and stuff like that https://www.reddit.com/r/Zeos/comments/97mi5s/zguides_headphones/
That's a great price. I just asked my friend who has the M560's and plays video games what he thought. Sadly he doesn't have an opinion because he does not have a microphone to use with them. He uses his SHP9500s with a Vmoda Boom mic when gaming