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Help me!

Hello Guys,
It's been a year since I first found that I am into listening music. I'll be going to college next year and want to upgrade my headphones.
My biggest problem is I live in India and anything from US if imported instantly becomes double the price.
I can't ask anybody here because they don't care what there headphones are and the bundled ones are enough for them.
I currently have :-
Superlux HD668B
Soundmagic e10c
Sennheiser HD 180
1MORE Single Driver

I use a fiio x1ii for listening(currently getting related).

Any recommendations will be welcome. My budget is $100-200.
Please note I have a head bigger than most people and same for my ears.
Thanks in advance.

Definitely recommend buying a used set of headphones from an EBAY auction, maybe you’ll find something really nice.
Just last week a bid ended with some mdr z7 at $200, a baragain for the MSRP of $600
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Also here kinera h3 costs 300$ so you can guess what I am dealing with
Wow that is a steep importation price. Kinera H3s are normally about $100.
Wanna hear something crazy? Kinera h3 costs 300$ in my country
Sounds like you have to get it from online huh... If Massdrop is easy for you, go for the Ostry KC09. It's way better, especially with regards to build quality, than the KC06A which is dropping now
PS: I own or used to own both the E10c and 1more single driver. Both are decent budget earphones, but the Ostry will be significantly better
Thanks bro
Short answer; For a fun and sound quality well beyond the price tag IEM, try the Kinera H3. These are going for very nice low prices. You won't need an amp for them running off your iPhone. I liked this so much when I snagged my first set that I bought another pair.
Headphones- If you can do a Sennheiser upgrade, you should probably go for it. They make excellent all-rounders and carry enough bass to make a nice choice for your preferred listening choices. You are already aware of something of the Sennheiser sound, an upgrade in the line will only be a better version of that. If you stick with lower impedance phones, you wont immediately need an amp to drive them.... save up for an amp that will then only make your purchase sound better. I don't know if you can participate in the ebay market, but consider doing that and looking at lightly used gear, which may extend the range of your purchase options. Used gear at a lower price is also a pretty decent way to try something without having to pay a premium price for new. Just vet the item carefully and ask questions before buying anything. The other suggestion I might have for you, since you are off to college might be a closed-back headphone like the Beyerdynamic DT 770. Good for use in a dorm or in public spaces. They sound very very excellent.
Then, when you graduate college and get rich and all..... you can do anything you want for headphones. :-)
Wish we had a private message thing in here. I'd ask for your addy and then ship you a set of my headphones, since I have more than I need. It would be like a donation to your college future.
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Thanks for the help brother. Two days from now my entrance exam is gonna take place. If everything goes well then I might be able to get a hd 800 with schiit stack. Wish me luck.
Absolutely all things good to you, younger brother. I will think of you and always have hope for your future to be a good and auspicious one! :)
Quick couple of questions; -What sort(s) of music do you prefer to listen to? Its helpful to understand that when trying to decide which headphones you wish to invest in. - Are you preferring to go in the direction of IEMs? Or circumaural headphones? - Are you looking to include an amplifier in your upgrade?
BTW- Best of luck as you head off to college! Will watch for your reply and try to give you a couple of ideas. :)
I don't have a particular genre but my favourite artists are ed Sheeran, Imagine Dragons and I also listen to raps. I honestly like both of them as IEM's sound more detailed whereas my over ear Sound more open ( due to larger driver distance). I don't have much knowledge but if amplifiers help then i can fit them in the budget. I might sound really confused because I really am as there is no store nearby and I have order online. Thanks in advance for your time.