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problems with Elex

Having problems with my Elex making cracking noise any one else having problems?

Received my replacement today sounds great thank you M.D. for the quick response and a quick replacement
Hi I got my Elex a week ago I find if I twist any of my head phones I get a little bit noise and cracks but I'm just wearing them listening to them and get nothing but music I play my headphones on a Denon AVR and on my Prima Luna dialogue premium HP integrated amplifier what a long ass name , a nice tube amp I like it because it puts out 11 Watts at 32 ohms tube watts for the headphones so it handles all headphones including planar so I'm very happy with the Elex as you can all probably tell I'm going to respond to these very often and ramble on but there's my two cents worth
I wasn’t really talking about the creaking noise on band when it moves its coming from the speakers themselves . But all good MD just shipped one out today. 😊 I have a Audeze LCD-3 not very efficient cans that my modded Eddie Current drives nice. The melos not enough juice at higher volume. But 11 watts to your cans thats way more power then I need or anyone else in my opinion
Have you submitted a support ticket yet? My replacements have finally shipped & should be here this weekend. You should do the same.
yes I put in a support ticket and waiting on them to respon. Thank you 🙏 for the info and enjoy your headphones
what kind of amp are you using?
I have a Geek pulse x-f, Melos SHA and also a Eddie Current SS/EC