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Apple 60% bluetooth mechanical keyboard for writers

I am desperately looking for a Pok3r style bluetooth keyboard, or at least something like the FC660, with Mac keycaps and layout. Unfortunately, it seems an unicorn. My specs, in the hope someone could help make it real:
Size: 60%, a la Pok3r, or like the Apple Keyboard
Layout: Apple, ANSI
Switches: Cherry Mx blue
Keycaps: PBT doubleshot, with command, option and control in the right place
KEY rollover: full
Programmable: yes, to be able to rempa keys for fn, volume adjust, arrows and so on
USB & Bluetooth
Price: 170 euro

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I've been following a project called the Vinpok Taptek (https://www.vinpok.com/pages/taptek-the-thinnest-wireless-mac-mechanical-keyboard) which is very interesting and appealing to look at. However, be warned that i didn't buy it bc the company seems very unestablished, no reviews exist, and in fact i suspect the "company" is one person. However, i don't think it's TOOOO expensive, so be the one to review :D
I am using anne pro Bluetooth 4.0 this is the best keyboard i have bought. i also use it for my office writing work and this work so smooth and my experience with it so good. you can get more information about apple Bluetooth keyboard at https://www.appletechnicalsupportnumbers.com/
Your probably going to have to custom for that one, head over to Geekhack and have a look through the interest checks & group buy sections of the forum.
This might get you interested https://geekhack.org/index.php?topic=92445.0