open back studio headphones $150

Hi, I’m looking to upgrade my studio headphones and I need to find a neutral sounding open back headphones. I thought about taking the hd58x jubilee, or the audio technica ath ad500x, they attracting me but I wanna be sure and find a $150 open back headphones for a good music production. thanks

May 15, 2020
No argument with either of your choices, for a very long time i monitored and recorded tons of bands with akg k240s, which to me still sound lovely and they're a nice lightweight pair you can wear essentially forever, hugs the wearer's head with no extraneous pressure and no adjustments needed BUT they're also a bit flimsy, you can tell once you put a pair of heavier cans on that the bass presence is rather light and such. My point being there is that you can get used to anything, a good headphone for critical listening, mixing and production is a headphone that you can understand its' signature. The Jubilee's are fantastic but definitely have a strong signature to them, which yeah you can learn to adjust against but having something that is always going to present an intentionally shaped response in a production capacity i would say is a compromised position to start with. Headphone monitors aim to be much less exaggerated, as elegant as the Jubilee tone is, it's job is to present everything as beautifully as possible, not as "honest" as possible. To that end, and back in your pricerange i've had tons of positive results the past year with Beyerdynamic DT990 Pros. I was able to learn this headset in terms of understanding how sound translates from them to hi-fi, event size and car speakers in record time. They're really plush, come in three different impedance levels to suit your dac/amp source (i have the 250ohm version that pairs beautifully with the motu ultralike mk3 in my basic production setup) and have that same ultra-broad soundstage that i clung to my akg's for over such a long period with the added bonus of a properly weighty low end. Not that i'd recommend it, but they also get much louder before distorting versus my akgs too. They run $149 all the time, have been on this site in various forms over the years and at this point, i'd reach for these far before choosing either of the sets you've got pegged. Ultrahigh and ultralow response on the Beyers is just pristine for an open back headset, a rare thing. I'd reach for the hd58's for listening applications though, no contest.
May 11, 2020
Second Hd58x
HD58X is punchy and has bass
Thanks !