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Best beyerdynamic headphones

The budget is 250 usd

Jun 11, 2018
DT880 premium 600Ohm
All I can say is that the T90 are great if you like to bleed from the ears.
I'm kidding, slightly. While they are amazingly clear and detailed, the treble was far too sharp for me. I much prefer the Sennheiser HD6XX. I've also have a DT770 80 Ohm for 10-12 years now, very nice especially if you like bass, but I'm more of an open-back, laid back listening kind of guy.
From what I've read, older people who can't hear the sharp treble tops quite like the T90.
May 30, 2018
DT 880, in my opinion the only Beyerdynamic headphone (not headset) worth any money considering the competition.
May 10, 2018
I liked my DT-880 Manufaktur 600ohm / sounded really good
The Custom One Pro Plus are also pretty good. SQ wise they're just a bit beneath the dt770 on the highs but are much cheaper, have replaceable cables, and an adjustable bass port. They're one of my travel sets and work well when I'm at work.
May 2, 2018
Thank You guys for responding I honestly didn't expect there to be any comments.
May 2, 2018
Depends on preferences, objective and constraints. For me it would be a DT880 600ohm.
I agree on the DT880 being the best Beyer in that price range , I would still own it if I hadn't bought a T1. If you won't need closed backs(770) or a strong bass/treble V-sound (990) then it is kind of a no brainer IMO. It's a solid choice for neutral sound with decent soundstage and good extension
May 2, 2018
I really like my DT 770 80ohms
For that price tag; Beyerdynamic DT880 600 ohm. Absolutely. I own the entire DT line-up. The 880, at 600 ohms, comes very near to the T1 Tesla. I love mine, and often reach for it when I could go for my T1's, depends on my listening choices. I don't think you could go wrong there. Caveat; you WILL need to have an adequate amp.
Yes, to your amp choices, and giving the DT880 a go would be a very nice choice, as it is very demonstrative of the Beyerdynamic sound sig. If you really like it, consider moving up to the T1. I think spending the CHUNK of cash required by the T1, as a first trial, would be a mistake, in case you really don't find the Beyerdynamic ss appealing.
I own The Element. It will power the DT's quite adequately, if somewhat clinically. A tube amp mellows the DT ss very nicely.
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