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Best Audiophile-Grade Headphones for Gaming?

Something that stays under the $250 price tag?
Applies to both PC and Console Gaming.
And it does not need some absurdly priced amp (or none at all!) to deliver the sweet sounds?
Mainly for accentuating movements (R6: Siege) and booming explosions (BF1)?

Feel free to throw in your opinions!

I use a Phillips X2 with a V-moda BoomPro... should clock in under your budget, is efficient enough to be driven from a Xbox controller, has a good soundstage and will certainly give you more thump than a lot of open headphones.
How are the X2's for music + gaming?
They are a true all-rounder, work with everything from music to movies and games. I have better sounding headphones but those also cost more, some of them many times more.
I would second the Audeze Mobius, although keep in mind you wont get them until July at the earliest. But if your open minded also have a look at Audeze iSINE LX for $199, they are in-ear headphones but they don't sound like it, more comparable to full size open back planar headphones, minus the weight. I have the iSINE20 and use them for gaming a lot.
So right now Audeze is having an Indegogo for their Mobius headphones which fits all of those categories if you buy in now. :this link is affiliated with me if you don't like that google search it.
Sennheiser game zero . use on pc and xbox x . drives the 50ohms well long as you have the 3.5mm controller adaptor and mic headphone females to male single 3.5mm.