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Hope y'all doing well. I'm starting a new series to give mechanical keyboard content creators more love! As this is a new series, the shape, cadence, and continuity of these posts is TBD. Feel free to post your feedback, comments, or concerns here! If you know any great content creator, feel free to let me know and I can include them in future posts.  The following creators are Youtube content creators, but we’ll be looking at content creators on every social platform!  Manofinterests
Man of Interests consistently produces mechanical keyboard content week over week. Especially noted is “This Week In Keyboards”. This video just posted is him breaking down what exactly a Creme Switch is. I certainly found it informative. But if you want to stay up to date on what's going on in the mech keys world, sub to the channel and go through the "This Week In Keyboards." Chyrosran22
If David Attenborough reviewed keyboards, this is what you would get. Chyrosran22 jumps into the esoteric realm of keyboard form-factors and delivers detailed reviews with a tiny bit of deadpan humor. In this particular video, he reviews a piece of hardware from Weytec and the numerous capabilities a keyboard does in the financial sector. Dawid Does Tech Stuff
While Dawid isn’t a dedicated mechanical keyboard content creator, I think his story is representative of how many people get started in the mechanical keyboard hobby. This particular video is of him dipping his toes into a different keyboard form-factor (with our ALT making a cameo) and opening the door to the wide possibilities of keyboard customization - from keycaps, to form-factors. Did you end of subscribing to any of these creators? Do you know any keyboard content creators? Feel free to share them as their own post and we might include them in our daily email under the community spotlight!
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