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[Ongoing] Show & Tell: WIPs

Calling all yarnies!
We want to see your works in progress, UFO’s (unfinished objects), FO’s (finished objects) and everything in between.
To share your project, comment below with a picture and as much info as you’d like. Feel free to describe materials you're using and any relevant links.
Happy knitting! We can’t wait to see what you’re working on.

Share photos of your WIPS below, and then share this post with your friends.
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My latest project is the Ellsworth Poncho, pattern purchased on Ravelry. I'm using Berroco Ultra Alpaca. Love the feel of this yarn and it will serve me well during our Maine winters.
This will be the “Worth” wrap from Chandi at Expression Fiber Arts. Yarn is “Botanical” and “Alps.” Guys, it’s so gorgeous. I’m loving every single stitch. I’m a new knitter, so it’s going slowly. But it’s just linen stitch with changing the colors every two rows. So simple. And it looks woven! Ah, I’m so in love with it. 😍
Scarf (UFO)
Sorry about that yarn mess! :( Nice crochet work, though!
I’m not much of a knitter, but this has gone quickly and without many signs of impending doom
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Believe it or not, Hobby Lobby. I forget the particular yarn name, but the color was "Delphinium." I bought the first ball of the yarn something like two years ago, and then started this thing. Went way too wide. So went to see if they had carried that particular yarn and that particular color way. And they did! It is sooooo soft, too.
Thanks so much!! Your knitting is beautifully done.
Share our ravelry names?
Enjoyed my Through the Loops Mystery Knit Along!!
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Impossibly difficult-looking; impossibly heavenly. Wow.
hand-dyed fine merino yarn from @petitboucles, using a Clover Amore 2 hook, crochet
So very beautiful. Are they 1inch blocks. Wow 😮.
Thanks so much. Half inch squares with 2 strands of our fine hand-dyed merino.See our Instagram @Petitboucles
my friend wanted no baby colors in the afghan so I went with neon but the colors aren't showing up correctly
Very cute :)
A Scraptastic Adventure!
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This is on a queen size bed. Its roughy 80 inches across using worsted weight and a 5 mm hook.
My goodness that's gorgeous. What is the pattern?
My Traveler's Shawl WIP that I've been working on for an embarrassing amount of time. I can't help thinking how many times I would have finished this if I had used the recommended weight yarn. Oh well, I do this to myself...
That is so pretty. Thanks for sharing.
Lovely pattern. Sometimes it’s all about the journey.
LOL not going to show my multitude of WIPS. I have as my group on Ravelry says ADDOS (Attention Deficit Disorder ......... Ohhhhhh Shiny.......) I see a new project and oops another WIP enters the pile. Socks, shawls, sweaters, mittens, stuffies .......... nothing is out of bounds. My stash is another thing. I have actually started on my stash offsets (think carbon offsets) and so far I have achieve SABLE (stash acquisition beyond life expectancy) for my Dad, Mom and three sisters as well as my own SABLE stash. But, I have actually started limiting myself to sock yarn only since it doesn't count as stash (right!?!?!). I did however slip a bit a couple of weeks ago when I found several skeins of Malibrigo fingering yarn at Goodwill for 99 cents a skein. Keep Calm and Keep Knitting (or crocheting).
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I heard it a few times on Ravelry so it has to be true ;) If it isn't i too have a huge problem.
Too funny!! I always say “squirrel” like from the movie UP cuz I have the same issue!!
The only recent FO that I have a photo of is the Dragon Scales Scarf that I made for my best friend. First time, in a very long time, that I have worked a design that was not my own.
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very striking scarf!
Thank you!
That is beautiful!
Wow. I make fingerless gloves but nothing like that. Very impressive.
I’m working on a pair of fingerless mittens to improve my stranded / colorwork technique (while getting a jump on making gifts for Xmas!).
I’m using Malabrigo sock in Azul Profundo and Cascade Heritage in white on US0 9”- circulars.
Being diligent about making sure yarns are held for the desired color dominance, and I am trapping floats on the following row to see if that reduces puckering. Beautiful design as always from Erica Heusser. Look at the detail of the bird wing ❤️
Almost at the top - twisted rib and then will use the invisible rib bind-off! Love that bind-off - one of my faves and so clever!
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If you stretch the mitten, you can still see the opposite color peeking through, but I *think* it's not as pronounced as when you trap on the row itself. Well, actually, I'm not sure if it's truly better or if I have just convinced myself it is!
Trapping on the following row is definitely less prone to the situation when you trap the float in the same column on multiple rows. I have done that so many times unintentionally - and then you DEFINITELY see the other color. So annoying!
So here is my take of the Pro's of trapping on the row itself: * Floats seem "tidier" on the back. It's the WS, so maybe no one will ever look at it, but I will - ha ha - so I still notice it. * Easier to keep track of the floats bc you force yourself to trap them as you go along.
Con's: * I think I knit more tightly when I trap on the row itself. The mittens seem less stretchy. This might actually be a plus if you want the knitting to be snugger. * When I trap on the row itself, even when the float is "loose," there is still a pucker on the RS. It's more apparent on the lighter color (which usually for me is the CC). Darker color looks ok. For all I know, there's pucker on the darker color, but I just don't notice it bc the yarn is dark.
Pro's of trapping on the following row: * Seems to have less pucker / tension appearing on the RS (but strangely my overall knitting seems a little less consistent) * Less susceptible to trapping in the same column on successive rows
Con's of trapping on the following row: * I'm used to trapping on the row itself, so when I am supposed to trap on the following row, sometimes I FORGET and then i have knit many rows before I realize it and have super long floats. Boo! I've never ripped back to catch floats I missed, so I just end up tying it down at the end. Totally defeats the purpose of catching the floats in the first place! * Trapped floats look a big jumble
Whoa - I wrote a novel. People's preference might be different if you carry both yarns two-handed (English and Continental) vs always using the same hand. Let me know if this makes sense! Better techniques and feedback always welcome!
(Oh yeah - full confession, I trapped floats on the FOLLOWING ROW in the bottom 1/2 of this mitten and then went to trapping floats on the row itself on the top 1/2 because I wanted the mitten to be a little tighter around the hand. You can see the pucker(or rather, the divot) near the armpit of the birdwing. There... I've confessed. I feel better now!)