(CTRL keyboard) Can you trigger layer changes using macros from other software, or does that require actually pressing a key on the board?

So, a little background behind this. I play a lot of Elite Dangerous, and in that game, there's a cockpit mode switch that (among other things) changes the color of your HUD in the game (blue for analysis mode, orange for combat mode). I have a macro bound on my Logitech X56 HOTAS that presses and releases the scroll lock key every time I slide a switch back and forth. The effect is basically if the switch is on the left, I'm in one mode, and if it's on the right, I'm in the other mode. I'd like to get it so that my keyboard also changes color when I flip the switch on my controller. I made a few attempts at this in the CTRL configurator online, but nothing seemed to work fully, presumably because I was using the scroll lock key for layer transition functions, and it wasn't falling back to layer 0 any more, where it's configured as a real scroll lock key. I could either send a scroll lock press, which works in-game but doesn't transition colors, or I could have it function as a layer transition key, which makes my keyboard colors change but it no longer sends a scroll lock press in-game. Unless there's something I'm missing, I don't see a way for it to be programmed to send a key press while also functioning as a layer key. I also tried getting the X56 software to recognize other keys I had programmed as layer toggles, but that didn't work. E.g. when I flip the switch on the HOTAS, send a scroll lock press for the game, then press a different key to toggle layers. If the key is programmed to do any sort of layer switching, the X56 doesn't recognize it in its macro recorder. Any thoughts? I'm not opposed to learning some real QMK firmware writing if that's what it takes.


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