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3d printing

Could we get a 3d printing community? I haven't seen a lot of printing stuff on here if at all, and it fits in perfectly with the other stuff in here. Right now there is not anywhere with a lot of 3d printing stuff in one place, and those that are are either really expensive or are big name places like Amazon, eBay, or gear best. I would love it if massdrop added that and it would probably bring me here more.
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Check out they have quite a few good 3d printers that are reasonably priced.
A few different people have asked, including myself, with no official response as far as I've seen. There was one printer drop a little while ago, but it wasn't worth it for the price.
I think the DIY Tech community would really benefit from 3D printing drops if a new community isn't created. Hopefully something happens again soon.
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I feel the same way but in the past 3D printing drops just haven't been successful, What printers or products would you like to see ? If we can get the community behind us lets start doing more 3D printer drops :)
Hey Kris, thanks for looking at my feedback! I really appreciate it.
I think this poll is a good indicator of what people may want printer-wise: Prusa is well liked but might be hard to get as a drop due to them needing to 3D print parts for the printers themselves. On the other hand, the Tech community has had Monoprice brand items as drops, and Monoprice has printers (including a resin printer!).
Also, filament and printer parts like beds and nozzles would make for great drops too! r/3Dprinting has a lot of information.