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Xbox One Headset.

I'd like to find the best sub $175 headset for the Xbox One that does simulated surround sound. Most don't do that on the Xbox, most if they are simulated surround sound is PC only. And just to clarify I don't like the build quality of Turtle Beach.

Honestly I've never liked simulated surround sound... I get better results using a good pair of non-gaming headphones. I use the Phillips X2 with a V-moda boomPro... should be able to get near your budget and they are so easy to drive that they work directly out of the Xbox One controller. I found the Dolby Atmos for HP to make things worse and less reliable for positional audio.
Are you using an AV receiver? My Yamaha receiver supports Dolby Atmos and I have it enabled via my One X using a pair of quality audiophile headphones (Elex, 6XX, 4XX) and they all are good with positional audio and soundstage.
But what do you do for mic? And no, I don't have a Atmos receiver or any receiver for that matter.
OK, even easier since you don't use a receiver. I normally just use a mic'd cable since all my headphones and earphones have swappable cables. Otherwise, you could use something like a ModMic + Y-Splitter, plug that into your controller and enjoy any headset you want with a mic. Since the Xbox is doing processing on its end for Windows Sonic/Dolby Atmos you should still get those DSP's without a receiver (although a receiver would give you a lot more surround and processing options). You can also use USB headset adapters too and they should work. On PS4 it's a bit wonkier but still works. Hell, you could also use a USB mic and just have the game chat come through the headphones so you can still hear what's going on.
Just download the Dolby Access App on your Xbox One and buy the headphone part of it, it was $15 back when I did it in November and it works with any headphones. It simulates Dolby Atmos with your headphones.
You use it? Does it do okay? I use the sonic one (free), but I have trouble determining front to rear.....I am using a Corsair Void Pro right now.
You could try out hyperX gaming headsets. As far as I know they make good quality headsets that could be used on console, though it does require an adapter to work on the xbox one.
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you can't hook usb headsets to Xbox.