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Not wise to use audio jack as source?

So I have a Lenovo x250 business laptop that I intend to use for Spotify listening while at work.

Using the audio jack, I find the sound very unimpressive (I don't know the technical terms. Generally yucky!) compared to listening from my LG V20 smartphone.

I have a VE RAplus and I'm not sure if that's helping with the sound. The problem is still with the source is it?

Can anyone help me out on this?

Here are some stuff that I have:
Smsl idea+, 1more triple driver, nuforce EDC, koss PP.

Just an update.
So I don't think DFR is distributed here where I stay (and thus no warranty), I went ahead and got myself an ifi xdsd.
Incredible powerhouse this little thing is!
Most of the laptop jacks sound terrible. I learnt it the hard way since 2012 when I was dabbling in cheap (but then to me expensive) earphones. It left me wondering why they all sounded the same XD
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Indeed! Boy, was I happy to stumble upon this site :)
You can try using a purifier to further up your rig's game. Do note however that your chain will only sound as good as it's weakest link
I have a similar laptop for work (an x260) and I can attest that the audio out of the jack is pretty crummy.
I highly recommend the Dragonfly series of DACs by Audioquest, they are really excellent. They do take up a USB port, which is a bummer, but the audio quality is really outstanding.
I hear that the V20 is an excellent phone for audio, so maybe you have a solution in search of a problem here!
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So I popped by a local audio store and I tried out the ifi idsd nano black label DAC/amp.
Think I've found "the one".
(There isn't a DFR to try.)
And I tried it with a meze 99 classic.
Love it!
wonderful! I hear good things.
Thanks for the comments. I was hoping not to utilise one more usb port. But I guess I don't have a choice now.
Is it ok to use a usb hub and thereafter attach the usb DAC (smsl idea, DFR)?
Kind of having limited usb slots.
The V20 is one of the best phones on the market for audio (I own one too), with four DAC's that cost $26 a piece upon release. Your lenovo is in no way audio focused and more than likely has less then $5 in parts invested in the audio side. The SMSL Idea should work just fine with a laptop and would be my recommended connection. The audio out on laptops are generally garbage, and don't let the Mac guys fool you, theirs isn't much better.
Cool! What's your set up with the V20? (Or the desktop/laptop, if you're using that as well.)
I use the v20 when travelling or with bluetooth devices (Sony 1000X & an ES100 bluetooth receiver/amp.) I have a dragonfly/Massdrop O2 combo I use occasionally at the office and at home I use a Teac UD-501 DAC with either a Schiit Lyr or Gustard H10 amp. I have a Cayin IHA-6 amp that just arrived today and that will more than likely replace the Gustard. I have a bunch of different headphones that vary on their power requirements so I like to have options.
Hi there
Yeah that's the problem with most laptops and pc's they don't have great sound boards generally. Can you not use the smsl Idea with the laptop I am not sure as I don't know that product. Failing that something like the audioquest dragonfly black or red would work great and sound much better.
Hope that helps
Agreed, using an Audioquest DFR (or some other DAC/amp) is much better than the headphone out from a business class laptop.