May 7, 2018387 views

TWSBI Precision Fountain Pen

In case anyone missed it, TWSBI just released a new fountain pen.
The TWSBI Precision is an all-aluminum Piston filler with stainless steel accents.
Unsurprisingly, the bold design takes its cues from the TWSBI Precision mechanical pencil.
TWSBI's set-in-stone price for the new pen is $80. If it is of the same quality as the AL580, that's a very reasonable price point.
As an all-metal piston filler with a hexagonal cross section, I find the Precision especially irresistible; It is what I imagine a Rotring 800 fountain pen would have been, had they ever made one.
I must have one.
Jasper, steve, and 6 others

I bought one the week they released and its one of my favorite pens after fixing a slight baby bottoms issue with the nib. Great piston filler for $80. I didn’t like the demonstrator design of most TWSBIs so this ones perfect for me
Yeah I got mine, too. A couple of weeks ago. Haven't inked it yet though.
I'm a freak about my pens having a Stylus for my phone and tablets,... Would you say MassDrop might go for the L-Tech with stylus? It's on Levengers website for $109.00 Would be nice to see it at 89 or 69,...??!!?!
The L-Tech is a frequent drop on MD: the price point is close to $60.
Thanx ill prolly wait for this,...
Instant Love,... ;)
I like this design, too. Rotring used to make fountain pens, but stopped maybe 10 years ago. I have one of their ergonomic pens, but haven't inked it in some time. It also reminds me a bit of some Kaweco pens in the barrel.