Hello I am very intrested in Audiophile sounds systems and headphones and music in general. I am quite young for this hobby so i don't generate income to get it for myself but I plan on getting a few systems and headphones in the future. I came across quite a few of "SOUND DEMO"s (headphones mainly) on Youtube recently and I didn't really understood the concept of them. Some of my friends told me that they are "useless" beacuse it depends what you are listening on so the only thing it can give back is ANC and passive noise isolation if the microphone is placed incide the cups. On the otherhand the tests were very carefully made and seemed pricey (which proves nothing but indicates that they could be legit). Can anyone clarify this for me? Do Sound Demos make any sense if I am not even using the headphones they use? (I watch Z reviews quite a lot but its not for everyone so be aware) Thanks in advance.

May 15, 2020
The unfortunate thing about hearing a "sound demo" on YouTube is that YT compresses uploaded files for reasons that I don't understand (i.e. 4k videos aren't as "high quality" as you might think that they should be.) I would love to find an actual sound demo online that is just that -- a sound demo, no compression. I am an audiophile myself and have been since even before my teens, so I totally understand your concern. I, personally, own the Seinnheiser HD600 and I love them! My only complaint, if any, is that the bass response is not too powerful and you mainly (kind of) notice it with certain genres (edm, rap, new age) and at times while watching movies/tv. Other than that, my audiophile lust is very much satiated with these headphones. I would love to order the HD6XX just to see how they compare with my HD600 -- and because they claim to be Midnight Blue -- but money is also an issue with me. If you have the cash, I would not hesitate to buy these boys. I seriously doubt that you'll be disappointed.
May 15, 2020
I think that if you are willing to go for the 6XX i think you should consider the 58X Jubilee. Its the "cheap" equivalent of the 660S-s (which is just AWSOME). I havent really had the oportunity jet to get my own but they are soooo nice. I might say that 58x is better than the 6XX-es but its rly down to preferencies. The difference is a couple of bucks maybe 20 but It might be worth it. Anyway thanks for your advices too :D
May 15, 2020
Hello @Music2MyEars , First thing that springs to mind is that, indeed, those sound demos aren't that reliable trying to decide on a set of headphones. There is however, for me at least, one fun and useful part to them. If you watch sound demos of different headphones you might get, immediately, that there are some differences between the recordings. I know Z Reviews and I see that he is doing his best to give us a useful recording. The thing that I would suggest is to use the same headphones and the exact same set-up on your end when comparing different headphones/demos. This way, at least, you could tell the differences between recordings better. This doesn't, for sure, mean, that that's how your ears would get to hear the headphones demoed, but it's a good start. I see it more like a relative comparison. For sure you can get the idea that some models have more 'overall' bass than others but don't think that that's how that bass is reproduced in real life. It's a shame cause the main reason why we test, switch and eventually own so many pairs of headphones and speakers resides in the fact that you can get so many different combinations and different sound for your tracks. The subtle parts for each combination of, let's say, DAC + AMP + Headphone won't be truly presented to your ears using such a demo video. I personally listen to those demos just for fun and usually you get to find out about awesome tracks that you might never knew. So test them out, if possible, before buying and start thinking that, for me, in general, even if I get the chance to test headphones at the store, I find it very difficult to get to that moment when I can truly enjoy them. In other words, at shows, stores that give the demo option, I still find it hard to entirely get how a headphone sound is perceived by my brain. At home, in silence, I always discover more to headphones that I initially thought I knew. Hope it helps and enjoy getting into audio!